Teri ankhiyo ka kajal ( some steps to learm by dance fit live ) - YouTube

Dance fit live best channel to learn dance steps😊😊😊😚

Sunny N

lol what the fuck i can do that i bought a new turtle YOOOO GUYS I GOT A BASKETBALL SWEAR TO LICK.


“Do you think OJ did it” LMAO

Jerry Wragg

That lying sack of shit Joel. 😔

I know how it feels

Happy hipster Hammy

Bruh u can’t just kidnap a kid even if it’s ur birth parents. She’s doesn’t belong to them. The hell. What world do they live in..

Rumi Ghosh

boom baby!😀😉

fucking moonwalkin' bitch

3:43 My mom telling me to get up for school for the tenth time in a row.


kitty ford

How...... u just made school fun

Samantha Porce

El 🐰

Hope Garza

I'm sorry, but who watches Game of Thrones and isn't caught up by now? It's over.

alfred buhl


Yazan samaana

There always gotta be a rage monster

I’m on level 44 on Fallout 76 and I’ve pulled more all-nighters than I can count, including ones from previous years, and I met the love of my life through Fallout 76.

Elvin Ho

Chalk and cheese?

Patrick Star

are Easter eggs and Secrets an instrument?

AwesomeGamerGirl -AGG

I live there in Puerto Rico 💗

Mugdho Sapiens

It can beat depression, Sure. But it doesn't sound healthy at all. Including Soda, Red Meat into diet, not to mention beer! Drunk person can be happy, sure. But is drinking healthy? I am not discrediting this study but the sample size is too small and they have only consumed one diet (modimed diet), please add more subjected later with various different kinds of diet.

Krouton melon

I already knew the slender one

Jake12345678910 1

2019 anyone?

Geovanny Palencia

Hey guys and girls would you rather have a cat or a dog???

esha digpaul

1:53 who notice alaia spitting on the phone

alawi aglan

YEEEEEEEETT on DA publishers who said she wasnt good enough AHAHAHAHA

Tells whole story about the stuff she DIDN'T remember!


James Burke

What's your favourite ever movie? Or movies?

Austin Lord


CHAREL's story

Why ask ur gf for nudes, while porn is here

Nin Guz

I have these kind of anxiety since 2 years ago. I passed out once, and everytime i am feeling dizzy im exaggerating things it was like am gonna die! ITs difficult i never consult anyone all am gonna do is to pray hard and passionate is the key for me to relieve it. I pray for everyone who feel the same way. I am thinking also to seek help but for now i will do my best to back myself as me.

Dipali Paresh



Try to find the pretty face in the emojis below.👇🏾

Youssouf Z

why do they slam there butts

Mười Ba Trần

Hey the guy who triys to dasro ameritca your poop

High_off xKkx

So, the whole carmine family died!?!

Mehmet Akif Çalışkan

voice <3 editing <3

Danial Kashif

Someone will find this comment one day.

Comparing to other kids? Buy her stuff

ビムカナン EX

Justin Bieber song in Metal Gear? I now have cancer

Maggie Flips

I have ocd