Teacher Tipster (Multiplication Facts Trick)

Here's a fun little gimmick/trick to help your students remember those tricky multiplication facts!For more tips like this head to TeacherTipster.com!

hates worn

hey??how many times did you guys try for the touchdown

Adults Only Account


John C. Verducci 111

I subscribed

Em Wiebe

i don’t care that this is about expressing opinions healthily. it demonizes people who support the lgbt community and it pretends homophobes are oppressed. it’s disgusting.

Psycho Joe

The no talking guy is the guy who never figured out that our parents or grandparents said that to make us shutup for awhile

andy mutch

Love me some Hp

Kortney Keisel

I was cutting onions not crying

Ernesto Serna

Anybody watching this in November 2018

Niara Prescott

Watching this was way to stressful 😭

Jennie Piepkorn

So is Russle

Charline Hoevers

I’ve always wanted to help them now I’m seeing this and I wanna help even more like if you want to help them

Sebina Churchill

She's good, but I cringed so much during this video. :/

Biquette YTB

Thé water IS Green ???

Me: Oh yeah because they’re all purple.

Jason Ha

Mama he is a real panda XD

Captain Fire

I live like 3 miles away from the coast on Staten island

Dink Martini

I'm here for the music.  No-really.  That fucking music is AWESOME!  Just the right volume too!  Not too quiet and...not too quiet.  But, then again, it wasn't too quiet.  The music.  I'm here for the music.

CC Chen

No he deserves better


Ty always wins 👌👌👌

Sam Fenn

That would be my time of my life


Australia, but like Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart or Canberra.

13th Evergreen

You have insulted Hawaii, are you Happy.?

Edit: James' face at the end OMIGOD I CRI

Tim Thompson

Garret acted like he won the Daytona 500

livyy xoxo

Are u ok 😳

Plz come to Azerbaijan

Stephen Harris

that 10 million point shot is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


boy if you don't get 😂✋


sorry but the bank isn't open

latifekiziltas x

We love the holy trinity !

Isaac Martin

I'm liking the video just for the cleaning person the background at 3:30


All the comments are about Harry xD

Scott Bloomberg

i'm legally immigrating to the U.S. in 2 years.

Wtf??? I need to get my shit together because I thought i was 10 when it came out.. holy sugar honey iced tea

Tiffanie Chau

Well at least Costco has no hassle returns

Zimi Zapper

Am i the only one who got scared

Who This

0:04 we got em 😂

Jonas Sehen

Fortnite kills

William Lim

3:19 I thought the bloopers would only be for DP Squad but instead it’s in overtime 8