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A presentation designed to motivate and inspire teachers at a back to school faculty meeting. Check out my blog at justintarte.com and follow me on Twitter at @justintarte. Email me at justin.tarte@gmail.com if you are interested in getting a copy of the PowerPoint to personalize for your school or district.

Your average Harry Potter Nerd_

Is the girl's name Hermione?! Omggg!!! Why isn't my name Hermione... Jkjkjk. 😂😂😂😂 I like my name. My name is Acacia lol

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Christian Kopp

Love you guys keep it up

patrick Ohaji

you rock

Colton Waggoner

Leave my meat alone.

Matthew Sealtiel Paragas

Ty thats a 90 degree

Perfect Perfect


Im early woww


Blueline Creative Studios

Awesome 😎👌🏾

Chloes Gaming Corner

I love how protective Jen got of Her when she bit into the bon bon

P Hakk

Halle is the Lineal Hot Ones Champion!

c ockaine

hmm... i literally got 4 anti-valentine cards on valentines day saying I'm ugly and dumb or whatever? this is true, but I still kinda don't care and I don't understand people who take it seriously like, the people calling you ugly don't even deserve your attention lmao. love yourself💜

Lit At the night show

Then what's the fun of it cupcakeman


I love how guru says "my" instead of "the top 10". He is actually showing its in his opinion

Eduardo Nieto

Was looking forward to this video, glad to see you never disappoint keep up the great videos!

Laverne Spencer

My cousin does the same she puts this thing in her finger and it bleeds and on the other”thing”it says how much I guess?also not lying!but it’s sad tho😭


Did not see someone commented that right before me

Sadia Ahmadzai

good luck

Break break breakthrough

Specter Diego

That was just beautiful

•Itz Too Mintii•

Your voice is so beautiful and calming

Quinn Ostovitz

team necklace

Qingyuan Hu

I only got a seizure


Lol rats with guns! Haha!

imaan islam

4:02 so ditto is a skrull


the prologue was the most epic thing in the game, everything else was just disappointed. gameplay top, story and narrative flop!

simon goodwin

COBY HAS 0.000000000000001% CHANCE

badumtss swoosh

check out a trick shot video with a hat on my channel

Carolina Zamudio

merry christmas

a bit

Charles Ereneta

I felt sorry for the sharks.

Shweta Khanna

You can use iron fillings with some water in a small tube and do the same thing you did

Vidya Sinha

Beautiful video!


well...capatalism hitted me hard lol

PJ Da Bomb

That's a lot of trust!!


m9 i luv u

Madaline Keil

My last three brains cells during a test and studying 😂

Jonathan Taylor

were they filming on a potato?

Toy Hunter

Does anyone realize that the warehouse that they were in is the DPHQ2

Skunky Ol Coot ?

Do birthday party stereotypes

Cooper Meredith

Best of Dude Perfect | 2017??

Instead talk about the greatest gaming legends?


tis confused when cory found a watch and got a worse place!

Bryce lovs tacos

U should play bf4 and try find the legendary megaladon


Ah, the new Watchdogs portrays the post Brexit UK under Boris Johnson.

Richard Carter

А я будто не видел какой у тебя флаг на оружие наклеен

Aferdita Svarca

Tim bål röd


Guys i spent a long time on this video. If we could get this to 100 Likes it would mean alot. Thaks.

elmo-mazo jfjsk

Somos dude perfecto😂