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Mr. ON

Were the big scissor-like items a reference to Clock Tower (I believe that's the name.)

Erin O'Neill

I broke my wrist

J Skeez

She's still drop dead gorgeous. My guy is a strong dude for not flirting. Lol

And the bad ones could have done something to the cart

Thomas West

Dylan is awesome

MC Salo


Costa Zambaras

I wonder if he intentionally landed/crashed on the building due to mechanical issues figuring that it would be much more likely to avoid the death of more people as opposed to trying to make it to a clearing outside the city.

Jennifer Carter

I hate you stupid ty

Hana Vidal

Where is bakuman??

Xeron Gaming

Alejandro Ortiz

Thanks I bought Bioshock about a month ago after playing the demo & there was a special off all Bioshock games so I got it I'm nearing the end!

John Kenneth Villasin

Before 100k views here haha


yeah, it was the ball rotation being why it curved. thanks for not being retarded like everybody else :)

ForZe lochzard

Hey no hate but it’s a bit late for fortnite

Lil_Oli 25

Joseph Figueroa

4:16 how cody says i recognize you

Alex :v

The best team for ever


Skate 4

Prashant P Patwari

I want ur pc man

Amelia Mysterywave

Stay strong, you can defeat it all