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Visit Roger Hodgson’s site at and his channel at video by Supertramp performing It's Raining Again. (C) 1982 A&M Records#Supertramp #ItsRainingAgain #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo


Who's watching in 2018 like me!

Ina Simeonova

That is VERY SAD . I go to cry 😢. I realy realy sorry for that. 😢😢😢

Omer Keskin

2 orcs lol

ღ爪モ爪口ム工尺ㄥ ღ

You cant change the past,even though you hated her and never talked to her for 7 years,just still take care of her.She is still your mother.Our mother loves us.Dont forget that.

Trent Couser

You know why lebron dos'ent do trick shots with them but chris paul does. Is because LeBron is to busy cruzing through the playoffs.

Hymerglen Enriquez

2020 😮😮😮😮

Loopy Loony

Hey, yo, guru, I'm a fairly recent sub, you've might've seen me around or not, I honestly don't remember, bad memory, but I wanted to take time and say, if you need a break, take it. Youtubers get a lot of shit for free content, and assuming you aren't sailing the seas, you spend money for the games we see... You're (probably, I don't know you IRL :P) a great person, and you put a lot of heart into your vids, so please don't let it (metaphorically) kill you.

Michele Onorati

games seems amazing

Steele Goodman

Does the captions go on automatically for anyone at the beginning of the vid?

Jesse Riley

You remind me for round 2

B Adams

finally you use PC!

Q stands for Queen❤️💛💚💙💜

Levi Anderson

Something: YesMe: I haven't asked a question yet, calm down

Black Hawk

Your drawings prerfect professional

Rafael Meireles

Income shrek jokes

Yolanda Garcia

How can you do this ??????????????????

Alex Gasoline


Da Toastie

it the title of the channel is minute videos and thus is 4 minutes

Aurelio Marsiglia


Lauren Patricio Tamba


Atlas Sky

it freakin curved


M Camarillo


abby moffett

Dude Perfect you should a soccer battle

zachary samuel

The scariest thing about this is that this isn’t a story from our future...

Tokunbo Muraina

The first one is me and my best best friend we are friends and then we are not friends and know we are not friends like I am like a Random person to her😐 and we are Close

Squiddys Pickle

The old guy is the panda


Tinashe killed the remix 🔥🔥🔥

LunaThe GalaxyEditor

I wnated to be thin cause people made fun of me and told me to be thin


4:32 maxy pad mowfuction!

Chuchu Mihir

Can u release ep 2 soon

megalomaniac 08

Hmmmm love it


at what point is it obvious?wet clothesdirt lines from the roller bladesmarks on the dirt from the 4 wheeler alreadyit seems like that wasnt their one and only take...

We Cricket

Cory celebrates to early 0:20

Laura Panda lover


Andrea Zavaleta-Vega

How come these are my ninth grade vocabulary words?

m0 m0

Good message

YOUTUBE: Do you want to be on trending?

Lu na


Lexi Miller

Sis needs a new boyfriend



Makayla Rogers

What if it is your parents