Superhero Lollipop Ups with Ironman, Captain America & Batman

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DINNOZAR official

WHO watching in 2019 ?

Crimson strawberry

Lol greeting fuckface

S. K. J.

Whys everything robotics... like the I’m too pretty story...

Gaming with Red

0:30 when I hear the word “bipolar” I think of the song by dex arson

Denise Fenyvesi

which video was the one with the ananas from 1.00 minute?

Vera Yammad

They get Lot's of shot

Nathan Mandeville

No the dude perfect guys take turns being in the panda suit

Me: “Shows Phone” Who

Joel Arun

We're any of those Fiats Abarths?

Mid Lyte

So... when do we get to meet Merida?

Lil Baby: 1:30


wow takes skill and alot of luck to do that! bet they had to take alot of takes to film this 19 sec vid.

Devon Hunt

What kind of balls are they throwing for them to curve so much

Chris Black

This is Tyler perfect because ty does 99.999 percent of shots

Gerardo Santillan

Elsa should be the first avenger not Captain America

Tom nadge

What is you favourite Easter egg ever?

Plush Gaming

Coby has won


3:43-3:53 best alarm clock ever

Not in my Christian household

Oh my god Jeffree you crying is so sad to watch 🥺🥺🥺🥺 I’m so sorry this happened to you. I don’t know what’s it’s like to lose a best friend but don’t worry, diamonds in dog heaven watching over you. Now sending lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Angela Southard

I can’t tell if the foster father was punishing her as in getting the belt out and smacking her, or like raping her...



It's sad, because zero pounds is impossible, with bones and the remains of your organs. These stories always make me sad.

Bridget Moore


Ashen Duck

Why does this seem so dull and lifeless? Even the blaster shots seem to be bored considering how slow they move. His lightsaber blade looks like a blue line was drawn from the "generic tube" which makes up the hilt and then someone photo-shopped a glow onto it... as in where is the core of the blade and I really don't see the "light" part of "lightsaber" there. The gameplay seems like its been copied from platformers that already exist, and not even really high-quality ones like Assassins Creed. Rather it's more like Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones type platforming from ten years ago! They couldn't even muster the energy to have any sort of dismemberment with the lightsaber combat. Overall I have never seen a game with so little life in it. Talk about disappointing.

GamerPlaysGames :3

Dicks sign lol

Faze Hamster

Fortnite: **Adds Storm Flip

Billy Jondle

Kc royals

harold altagracia

Gotta See it? Would've been better if Lowry swung at him tbh

latte gamez

You will someday win a battle coby

Darren Lin

What do u mean what about the fire that the lightning makes.


D-Angel The 1

It's nice how he's is talking to her slowly this time. I guess his secret from beating the heat is taking fast. When it comes to every one else lol. I love hot ones I have all the hot sauces and the taste delicious and spicy for your mood ;-).

Jay McHue

Their BABY, folks, not their fetus. It's a baby, a human being, a person.

R Sharma

Ash also go in galas region

Anika Sheth

Wow, there's no comment here.....

MAHAL channel Malayalam

last big jump