Super Brain: Watch the Amazingly awsome memorizing power of a 5 year old kid

An interview with Kautilya Pandit falunting his unlimited memorizing power.For more news subscribe to Aajtak:

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connor Romero

Did they seriously just bleep out bullying. now that's just dumb.


yougrl 09

What did the text say

vhel morphy



You misspelled the title Slip n slide vs American football

Andres Ruiz

El ultimo like sera millonari@

Alexa Veronesi

Marbles personality is that of a 94 year old gay man

F. T. S.

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Rishi Guru

I like the boomerang shot

kaiju faerie

I like the mlp easter eggs

Jett S

Film with nolan arenado the best third baseman in the world

ramanand nayekoo

mark. 7 Ronaldowill winfor Portugal


The cake looked so perfect

Alison Jones

Who is watching for 2019 March

Angelica Mae Palmes

Wait a have a question pls answer haha.uhmm why are they breaking a glass or idk into their head? Just sayin sorry for my bad english :)


This is a good prank. Cos it is actually funny


@Scarlson1038 I think ESPN has better things to do than reveal DudePerfect as the pack of fakers they are.

Sneaky Testy

Hope there will be a darkside story

Human_dude816 Human

Imagine them in the war oof

Minute videos: yes

skrrt skrrt

Damn bro only 11 years late

bush did harambe

Kain Ashford

Hey guru can you maybe do a video on best movies with references to another thing. That would be cool and I know you could pull it off and make it great!


Im pretty sure I messaged you while you were recording this sorry for the interruption!


Just watching this made my lungs hurt and it hard to breathe-


you guys should bromo golf balls next


man you forgot to call glaaaaaaaaaaaaaas ;)

Baxley Brassell


Joseph Pereyra

Do you have a spotify play list tor some of the lit songs you use in your vids??

Jared browne

I want a gold hamburger

Trojan horse

isn't Arstotzka a country ?

umang joshi



I’m glad I’m not addicted to gaming...

Advanced Gaming



Nice Video again Guru :)


2:39 epic run

Antonio Diaz

the Motorcicle is cool

Mr_x 1992

Love your channel man! So many secrets discovered, and many more to discover

Mace the Omnilution

nonononnono it's the low pitched version of the Dead-ops arcade theme

vijay kalava



oooooooooooooooooooo mom get the cam he hit it

Nicole Pham

4:03 Garret’s first asmr

Faze DoubleM


Donald Evanoff

2019, new episode?

Robot Raptor

not sure if this is an easter egg, but in the irish taphouse under the bar there is two teddy bears sat playing chess and if you go to the irish shipyard where the taboo tattoo comic was found at the front right side behind the crates these a container with a skeleton and a teddy bear playing chess, not sure what the link is to the irish thing is though