Stories Most People Thought They Were Lies But Are 100% True (r/AskReddit) - YouTube


Nella Siren

Holy shit the slenderman

got moviex

1:30 to 1:40

Janvhi Parekh

Did any one notice no body hit the golden bucket


I got the mine craft sniper, which looks like it shoots arrows.

Amy Soden

Congratulations on the book!

Define: Define.

@GuruKidHD What server do you play on? also whitelist needed ifso website + ip :)


Ivan Provorov of the Brandon Wheat Kings and Philadelphia Flyers


OMG the girl is the whole problem. The guy is being completely rational the entire time.

Will Rhoden

3:00 at first I thought it was Kenny but turns out to be Randy. I’d say, screw it let it be a tribute to both.


That walking always triggerd me so im out after 1:26 sooorry this shit´s doodoo

The minecrafters

poor panda




The biggest Easter egg is multiplayer but nobody's found it yet

Abdulrahman Muhammadi

i would love to see you guys put out a candle with an arrow, from a considerable distance!!!! or hit a match stick with an arrow, it woud be very cool if you accomplish this!!!

Samuel Vander Molen

Soooo bad


Heck I’m 12 and and meat is a lot of my diet. My family eats a lot of meat except fish. That is why I take omega 3 pills.


Marbles is my fav youtube dog EVER, he's just so DIFFERENT & ODD LOL!!! I LOVE IT! He's cute, so chill, just love him LOL


are those Easter egg in Xbox version aswell?

Z31 Trickshots


James Deeming

Sean Townsend is the panda


05:47 I lol'd so hard, what's the name of the song?

Omar Shaban

Literally a lego avengers game without legos

Nest Owl

I'm 5'0 😣 lol

Tin MB

I dont want to make people sad


Reach out to a professional who can help you work through these symptoms and create a treatment plan.

Cttcft Vgtcvtvtyv

My sister is my real mum.

Lance123 Martin

It is egg Ctty

I can't believe I swear I would kill them I want to get a knife


YAASSSS HARRY POTTER!!!!! But I miss Cedric......but I still got Draco


Woke up at 2 am with an anxiety attack, its time to watch Tati

Chris Cabading

Guru you fucking genius, this is just purely amazing and made me smile throughout the entire video :)

No Name

no country for old men is based on the book by cormac mcarthy, he has also written the blood meridian which is one of many inspirations to RDR


You funna Run up

How come she didn't make a go fund me page?

Selma Wilkerson

thanks, Ethan for the motivation 💕


こんなにはしゃぐベルモンテさんかわいい( ・᷄ ᵌ・᷅ )

Bryn Forbes

Kawhi has never shut down KD in his career.r him not hating it’s statistically proven.