sti escort vs lawman

Because of this there is another detector that you may want to consider and that is the Passport Max 360.
Because of this the STi Magnum display is a little easier to read if you mount it high best miami escorts on your windshield.
The controls are STI International singled sided thumb safety and STI International high rise beavertail grip safety.
The barrel is.0" fully supported STI International ramped barrel with match grade bushing.Quantity: selectlawman (Black) 1419.60Lawman (Black/Green) 1419.60Lawman (Brown/Tan) 1419.60.Color matched polymer panels, slide, five inch (Government) overall length, forged barstock.Grip panels are offered to match finish in black, olive drab or light brown.Options Finish (Black, Black/Green, Brown/Tan) n/c More STI Firearms STI D/A FirearmsGP6 STI - Designed to Perform company info contact us FAQ news/blog store view cart services FFL transfer Terms of Use privacy policy Copyright SemperFi Arms - All rights reserved Companies mentioned in this.Finish, black finish is traditional blued, two tone finish is polymer coated.

First lets discuss the overall performance of these two detectors.Now one of the shortcomings of both the STi and Redline is that neither of them are GPS equipped.Next lets discuss some of the differences between these two detectors, starting with the case.STI aluminum, barrel.0" Fully supported, ramped barrel w/match bushing.The Spectre is a device used by police that can detect the radio frequency leakage from all portable radar detectors, with the exception of two, the Escort redliNE and the Beltronics STi Magnum.The Lawman slide features include traditional 1911 styling with lowered and flared ejection port and front and rear cocking serrations.The Passport Max 360 is classified as both a highway and city radar detector, provides full 360 degree protection with front and rear antennas and arrows, has an internal GPS which will alert you to fixed photo enforcement cameras and the ability to lock out.Slide Features, traditional 1911 styling, expanded ejection port "Petite" serrations, trigger.
But most importantly the Max 360 has much better filtering to block out those annoying false alerts caused by the anti-collision sensors installed in new cars today so the result will be a much more quieter and enjoyable ride with comparable performance.