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Nicolas L


Victor A. Gomes

The Exrocist one is just too good and I don't know why.


can we get a remake where leon isn't the kind of emo-like person who'd suddenly have feelings for a girl (rinoa) who he knows for a short while, engages in a short argument with and gets kidnapped? please? please?!

Siddharth Paratkar

If I had to bet, I think Johnny's extra point took longer to make than any of the other trick shots.

Pastel Mary

My uncle is bipolar but he can control it sometimes

Rogue_ FISHY

Elon is my dad

Mycoy Waumans

@LeoLovesAmi Ever heard about the terms "wind" and "curve"?...


Religion is cancer


Tyreek hill

Val Cuarto III

Cool!  How about the number  (A113) in most movies. 

Jelly Rød

Hej dude perfect


minecraft easteregg how nice

Sarah Gorius

I think 12


Go North, find the white walkers. Kill them. They seek your throne.



Xavier Corbitt

tyler sucks

Traci Hanser

Tyler’s dad and Cody’s dad are the same.

I'm floating in the air like I'm weightless

RiSe Typhoon

Whys it called old office edition if its in the new office??

talha emre ünal

happy new years