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Songs In Real Life Kids Style 7-Valentine's Day EditionNEW MUSIC VIDEO! SHOP! The Kid Squad - Fun Films, Merchandise & ApparelIn Real Life Kids Style 7 - Valentine's Day Edition - Jacob has a suitcase with a secret inside and Hugo will do anything to get it. Even, going on a date with Joel. So, Watch this funny video as Joel and Hugo are on there very funny date! Also, Hugo has to repeat everything Jacob tells him to say! VERY FUNNY! Thanks for watching this video hope you all enjoyed it and until next time, The Kid Squad Out!!Stay tuned for more videos!Thanks to all our fans for watching, make sure to like, share, and check out our other videos below. Stay tuned for more videos!To our fans out there this one is for y'all!! Like Always!!--------------------------------------Visit our ChannelIn Real Life Kids Style 6 - New Years EditionIn Real Life Kids Style 5 - Christmas Edition In Real Life 4 - Halloween Edition!!!In Real Life Summer edition HERE for our songs in real life kids style tees!to Like, Comment, And Subscribe to us!


Richen Hunt

They should put magnesium in liquid oxygen


I’m the mood swing guy.

Tomorrow Gamer1.0


DJ Deedge YT


King V

How big are your hands dude😂Throwing that bb off like it's nothing


Charlie don't surf

Yeet Calee

i'm a germophobic and it all started when I was in 2nd grade and this kid sneezed on me then to day's later. When I got sick I did not care if it was a coincidence. At least I dont have ocd

Guthrie Manzella

you guys should do one with julio jones

Didier Rojas

6:03 looks like a real movie

David Liu

0:45 where are your hands ty? 😏😏

eli dues

French Fries were actually invented in Belgium

Virginia Steve

I am that girl hahaha


Kelley Poole

You should have built a paddle board, so much faster

Fresh Inky Boi


Ellez 1127

I love this. I don’t feel alone because of this. Thank you so much for creating this video, I’m actually crying

Merchant Flooded

Who else is watching this in 2016

Noe Camarena

this isnt metal gear


are you like, a n g r y?

Jfbplays 11

Bro ur dead.

the Carpenter

back with top youtube content.

Joni Adams

pandeais going to win

Chloe Nguyen

Wish I could relate...

Timothy Petriyenko

Garret be like stereotypes beach more like stereotypes bleach😂😂😡


Legit, the first Halo game I've been excited for since Reach!

muheka bella


Amor Garritsen

They are so cuteeeee together oh my God

Heidi Does Art

Their twins of cause they go out first...

Emma Richardson

What will happen if tyler gets picked for wheel unforturnet who will be the host