App.4th 422, 427 (2001).
10 INA 240A (b) (1) (B).
Brownell, 240.2d 625 (D.C. The full text is below.A better analysis would be by analogy what is the penalty for soliciting prostitution in missouri to controlled substances: using and selling are both illegal but being a consumer is not a cimt while being in the business of selling.California Penal Code 647(b) also punishes conduct that is not considered prostitution.480, 12g,.79 (1975).Additionally, even if soliciting a prostitute, as traditionally understood, constitutes a crime involving moral turpitude, a first conviction does not meet that definition.136, 139 (BIA 1989) (Moral turpitude cannot be viewed to arise from some undefined synergism by which two offenses are combined to create a crime involving moral turpitude, where each crime individually does not involve moral turpitude.).).Dept of State, Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM).21(a).2.3-3(a 12).
Non-citizen defendants who are not native-English speakers may not have understood the undercover police officers questions and directions.

Download the Document, the aila Amicus Committee filed an amicus brief with the Board, urging it to hold that simple prostitution is not categorically a crime involving moral turpitude (cimt).Matter of Lambert is basically about renting out rooms for prostitution"i.e.Dept of State, Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM).21(a).2.3-3(a 14).If your non-citizen client or a defendant is contemplating a guilty plea to a prostitution charge and you are not sure how to advise him or her of the potential consequences, contact one of the immigration attorneys at Wilson Law Group.The records from the California case show only that the defendant was charged under the statutory language of Penal Code 647(b and entered a plea of no contest to that same statute.Holder, 670.3d 1085 (9th Cir. Ultimately, what truly matters is the defendants admissions.A conviction for solicitation could cause some non-citizens issues when they travel abroad and attempt to re-enter the United States.1182(a 9 1251(a 4 and Similar Predecessor Statutes Providing for Exclusion or Deportation of Aliens Convicted of Such Crime,.L.R.Code 229, involves moral turpitude Matter of C,.