So cute baby Lola stand up&down do exercise to warming up|Lola still cool under show rain#4253 - YouTube

#NatureMonkey #babymonkeyLolaSo cute baby Lola stand up&down do exercise to warming up|Lola still cool under show rainThank you very much for watching and subscribe for more,Nature Monkey


Well first reference was shots fired

Justin Vaughn

How u gon touch somebodies crotch and then act surprised that u did it☠☠

Maqsud Jama

I stood up to my bully.... nothing changed

Cameron Dzicek

a redhead boy

Rajit Chakraborty

I'm a grown ass 22 year old man who got excited by this trailer. No judgement!

please sub :(

Aaron Hernandez

It’s really not that hard to spell Brian you’re retarded

Guy from split: It’s got paprika in it ;D

Tristan Walters

The samurai sword went straight through the bag of flour like butter!

I'm Dakusuta

Jeniffer: What the hell is wrong with you? I'm not diseased or anything you freak.

Kaylee S

I am 13. my parents hit me with a belt when I do something bad. that really messed me up because when I do something wrong I fell the belt on its way.

Teofilo Rodriguez

Why didn’t she ask for a phone number 😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅

Shya Nahman

Tyler your the legend of them all

King Kermit

Dude perfect: I’m perfect. Me:dude nobody is perfect

Tiến Huy Đinh

Can someone tell me how to get 1k likes in 20 minutes

Fav 1

One of my best.. How many days am waiting for this 2nd part omg!! Thanks and love you Disney

Lauren Patricio Tamba

Win or lose were still here to support gsw I love klay thompson and stephen curry

Haohui Zhao

Omg you have good games


dog dobber

guru my man what do you do on a daily basis

Violet Starr

Did you repair your court? I always felt bad for you about that.

Bobby Patterson plays

I had a group of psychopath group with guns and knifes break in mine


2:47 was I the only one who noticed the girl in the background


Too bad people don’t trust Tati anymore. All 3 really screwed each other and themselves over. Ruined their friendships and reputations. A bummer really. 😢😔😭

Matthew Junior

Carat be live Cody is leaving dp. Well has been kicked out for coming out as 1 of those homosexuals after the video was leaked with him and the vicar shooting hoops Brown hoops. I know he is good at trick shots but this video will prob destroy the whole show. Very selfish of Cody to do this to the others.

Nick Wells

The blacktip guy at 6:21 - 6:22 looks so confused.

Ksenia Gorman

I do judo

Mighty Great

tells a big chunk of the internet a Private thing

Rainbow 1211

I hate her!



Jason Camacho

Dude seriously never heard of saints row tree when did it come out I mean I've heard of saints row three

Me in my head: Yeah maybe it could help me...

j p

Ffs make something that we don’t already know how to make. By we I mean people who actually cook several times a week.


im feeling a lil bit chilly