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Amber Godfrey

Fake they made it look like they did it

Boris Memedov

do the referances to doctor who video (lol an 1 hour long vid will come lol)

Lucas Bellis

How rude ty, why take it out on panda? btw, wheres gar?

Luz Ayala

Santigo Nuñez


Ryan NatoOo0oR

Me: dad .. my blood sugar is too high!

Frosty Playz

Y do they do songs everyone love,like “love is action”

Cookie Shuriken

Team Cory all the way

Abbott Hubbard

Number 5 the half life one i saw Gman and followed him but vanishes. You can see him all over the place 2.


bill gates

Pdog1225 Gaming

Yes, yes he should

Alvin: makes giant food


when garrett had hair


Man, Jar Jar had it coming

jenna ruttan

No one will see this comment because it will be at the bottom but whatever

Never had there food though


Kanadeva Hariyanto

You are lucky, North Korea doesn't have Youtube. If they watch this, you have been caught.

Jonathan Bayless

I've done space pirate and I got to wave 61🤷‍♀️

Me: sighs


It's all happening Cuz you didn't make him a sandwich .u.

Krishna Sagar

Arrow ball swisher

Josh Franklin


Noureddine Matar

All sports and video games 🤑😎👍

Rekha Jaiswal

Watermelon smash



MoonyTheWeirdo :P

This made me cry........l

Qasim baloch vlogs

that's impossible for me

Taartje van Tamara

Kylie, ah that mini car i like that to.

NL Sensei


Tide Pods

Your disgusting.

David Anderson

The Yankees. Period.


You should do Conner McDavid

Sebi A

Correction: I met my first love at 3 years old

Noah Thatcher

I think that dude perfect should do an xploderz blaster edition

Team OOZ3

Who is panda


it doesn't work it flips upside down the screen