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The mother died

Thin Khaing

a113 in car 3

Get it?

VTA võ tuấn anh VTA vlog

Hay quá

Chiken Nuggets

That sticky hand one

Sweetie Pie

The real problem isn't the open relationship it's how the abused u


no you are incorrect my friend if you know of jesus christ and you acknowledge him as your saviour, let him clense your sins, and let him into your heart then you will go to heaven.


Sylvester thats the cats name

Bartol Katacic

You didnt make yoursignature move

dev devesh

4:03 Coby be like please high five me or this will get real awkward

Hey itz Fatou

Great story

Yamil Fajardo


Riley Drkulec


Lego Universe Returns

For the Bioshock one I think I actually had the sound off and when I saw the splicer I fired at it, thinking it was an enemy, and then alerted every enemy in the room to my presence.

Riley Morrow

I am Aussie


near the ghost is a camping place. if you go there at 11 pm you will hear screams from a women

Kadyn Whitaker

Lmao the screwIt’s also the size of a pipe


i think it was better than the normal Far Cry 3 , i had so much more fun

Dibyanshi Dash

Am 14 I have a phone


love_girl3060 The T-pose god

Im just gonna....adopt....

Next Gamer

Ao som do mano Chris Brown 🔥🔥


Stories like this is why I ain’t do this

is me




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Epilepsy acquired

Angel Patlan

Can you pls make a rick and morty eastereggs video?

He lived and I couldn't be more happy 😀

Monmusu Mac

great vid

Hannah Johnson

Do you haveto bea grown upto join I am 9 years old

Corey Baker

It is called the high to low because that's what it starts off as.

carut sin

so that's it??

Diamond Fillmore Drawing

When people treat other nice karma will come back good and that what this person did in this story because he kind heart and he have a family and wife that use to be his bully

Guaxinim Pixelado

Theres an easter egg on MGSV:GZ on the mission to pick up Kojima that if you look at an comunnication Tower you will find a Moai!(sorry for the bad english) Plz make a video including This easter egg

Mimi&Angel Aguirre

😭😭😭 myom was going to have a baby boy when the doctor told her she lost him and it's been years .I feel so sad for her,she couldn't even kept her but I hope someday she have a baby all healthy

Patricia Palmer

Dude perfect

Kenneth Lee

Hi, is it fun to be Canadian?

Chakib Guerroudj

Mikael Kingsbury is my favorites


How the hell did they score him?


this may sound like a terrible thing to say but, maybe, so that you may have a kid, you can adopt a child in need? i mean, if you would rather not then that’s fine but, it is always an option. you could be filling two holes in one go, for if they just needed someone to love them. you don’t have to agree with me, but i am suggesting this.


can you please do a react to a try not to look away? It would be very entertaining!!!!!


Christopher Mullen

This guy could of kicked the Vikings field goal lol