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V0.1.4: Lots of fixes.Watch out for rapists!ALL furniture IN THE back room must BE OF poor quality.(Adds 4 guards to the Brothel and 4 offduty-guards frequenting the Brothel) - 4) Spread the word: Convince X people to visit the brothel.Pets EP is now optional if you don't want pet stuff.Sex motive: Used by custom interactions scoring function.And stray dogs aren't dangerous but can do naugthy things to your sims.Fixed a bug where rapists are spawned with incompatible traits.V0.2.5 (it's strongly recommended to start a new game Whores have to be careful and wisely chose their work place.
V0.1.7: Fixed Traits Skills not loaded.
Fixed PantyPullDown Interaction: Target should properly react.

You might find it useful when playing a large family.New animations and reworked ones.WooHoo motive what is whore called in french increase with time but with stimulation too.Headmasters can request a professor to give lecture about a specific topic (the professor skill level must be greater or equal to 1).The SimData update process has been splitted in order to improve the game performances on crowded worlds.This system should be fully compatible with NRaas Traveller.I have no *ing idea how to mod.New objects: condom dispenser, training dummy (requires World Adventures).Well, don't just sit there, get to work.Again, IT must bommunity LOT.
Fixed UndressBottom interaction: Posture check before playing 'LoveOutfit' animation.

Disable Stuck Check Auto-Reset.