Should The World Adopt Finland's Education System?

Starting age is 7, days last no longer than 5 hours (which typically start at around 9-9:30 AM), 15 minute breaks in between lessons,segregation by one's ability is illegal, one formal examination in a student's entire primary and secondary school career; yet Finnish students have been proven to be one of the highest scoring group of individuals worldwide in regards to academics, so surely Finland must be doing something right.Previous debate:

I don't mean to be negative here, and FFVIII was my first FF(love it), but if they are making a remaster don't you think they should actually make it look a lot better than what's already out there, FOR FREE?

Faith Ava

the fact that Ethan bought two vacuums to battle each other😂 love that🙌🏻😂

Zach Fein

Is Tyler the only one physically capable of doing the trick shot because he does over half of them?

Miranda Huddleston

Becoming a true Cody fan is accepting that Noel is in fact hotter

Xavier Zeng

Who else lives in Brooklyn New York?


This is such cool editing



mr excuses

Jayden JayDog

I subscribe

Michael Sanchez

Film with Patrick mahomes 2018 mvp Kansas City chiefs QB football player

Ranz Gonzales

can't wait for season 2!!!!! I am currently reading the book, and this helped visualize his concepts

And So yeah be happy with what you have and do not fear when you die death and life will take its course


Is a dlc o game


toan 3 mon do dom khong vay 6:33 nhu vay?.

Saeed ul haq

Ty and the codys look young

Ana Jasmin

armys are here to help ateez!!!!! this is the best rookie group i've ever seen, mad respect to both them and all atinys ~~ fighting! 💜

Kourosh Esfandiari

Cory has so much less eyebrow’s now

Gets crossed out anyway

Grant Lindahl

da bucket hat tho

CroonZip GT

Türkler Burada Mı ? 🇹🇷🇹🇷

Purple hoser:hey guys it me

Beast B0y

Dallas stars

Lil Baby: 1:30

Jason Abiel Tiosh

6:37 yep thats right. Cuz my dad forced me to learn guitar (even though i want to learn drum) and after 2 years of learning i still dont understand. Finally my teacher said maybe its the best if you tried drum, and i learned drum better than guitar. SHE IS TRUE, DO WHAT YOU LIKE.

Tara GamingTV11

who's wachting on 2017


@aidsinchina thank you!!

Eleanas world

All of those maen people in vid needs a slap.

chloe shaoulian


Not a soul: Another great video , as always .. The video is 4 minutes long 😡


The doctor is stupid

i was once yours

yeah i always want to be send there but my parents won't let me

Andrew Sampson

That time when Cody said if you where standing next to a rocket ship in space you would Here the rocket ship

Jacob Hagan

I think the guy on the intro is panda

Elaine Griffin


Kasey Ward

How are they gonna pay for the rage monster

F Ms

¡PA cuando un video musical nuevo lele!!? 🔥 quiero oírte cantar!!


Top 10 reasons why Africa is still a third world place.

Wyatt Tverstol

Team Ty

Soul Storm

Really another "Billy Goats Gruff"? Didn't they get enough out of those trolls in Oblivion with the old Drunk Troll who Comitied Suiside?


dont judge people to how it looks or how much money they have the important thing is if she or he is good at soul

fat palco

@xxxTokioTwilightxxx are you slow?

Jack Gillis 60 (STUDENT)


The Richmanns

At least it wasnt September 11th.

Cold Glass Of Milk

I thought it was because even in the bad times you know the good times would feel even better so you wait for it and stay, even try to change them. That's why abuse victims stay with their abuser for so long and hesitate to leave.

γεοη Μι

it's official Just


This song is stuck in my head lmao...I was listening before the MV but the mv is epic...

Sarah Cavanaugh

Asthma sucks

yugji tyygu

dude perfect pls... do dude perfect Vs avengers

Aji Priambodo


Nhat-Ha Nguyen Animates

I never knew actually knew or heard of what an open relationship was until now. They have their reasons so that makes it good, but then what is bad is that they kind of abused you. Lucky Paul is a darn kind person.