गाय व मुर्गी वाले सवाल Short tricks to find how many cow and hen - YouTube

Short tricks to find how many cows and hens ( गाय व मुर्गीवाले सवाल )Simple single tricks for selectionye question mostly dekhne ko milta h mene yaha sirf ek hi tarike se sikhaya h sab tarikhe nahi taki aap ek tarike se hi sikh jaye

Mason Huettel

Is that a credit card at2:50

Gage Stephenson

Wait this was on BRIGHT SIDE :O

Vitus Opstrup Birchløv 3A Hornslet Skole

Its long time ago

Tanner Starrett

Just klick on my name

Paraplegic Pizza

How long have you been doing YouTube and what made you get into the types of videos you do?

Ali Demircioglu

Who is watching in February 2017?

Meme Kids

The best way to quit smoking, is to not even start.🚬

Alex Pojar

Halep is better

Diana Lynn Evangelista

If you have a tyler kick him out before he does this mess

Kakashi Hataki

Play minecraft

dillan oliver

Lions are my home team but they suck

tina poole

30 million subs then reveal panda

Wasim Qureshi

Only 26 high score mine is 50

McFaggerNugget SwagBoi

Panda should have some more shots


This is me

Martha Bol

Please keep us posted of what’s going to happen next

Josh Wainwright

Go coby

Henry Bye

that was nice😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Aditya Ramanathan

6:35 actually it did happen before in one of ur vids! like if you cryed or thought it was really sad


This, made me feel better. As a girl who also has suicidal feelings, thoughts, and even tried before. I can understand her pain. Nobody deserves to be hurt. Not even her. Not anybody. No one's alone. If you lose someone from death, remember... they are with you, in your heart. As long as you remember them, they will remain with you, forever.


Who else heard that "look at all these chickens" during the gears 3 ee?

Charlie Swandi

How to make dude perfect video : throw something and scream

Natalie Alfaro

It feels like this isn’t finished

1.123 4

how many basketballs are stacked behind the camera in order to make the time between the thousand takes shorter?

Pedro Ruelas

Best YouTubers ever

Lucan Gosett

I remember seeing this in 2009 when it was front paged

koket tad




Cole Newlon

Your my favorite easter egg hunter

Mukbangs R Us

1:32 😖So tingly

Gacha Cookie

Me encanta tus videos!!

Fghjf Fghhf

مافي عرب

seven deuce

"Micheal Phelps swam in this pool ,I swallowed the water thats awsome...."

Watermelon _Mermaid11



The fight is coming soon boys

Soft sound




Caillou was right

Rambo Panda

I am very fucking pissed you do not have 1 million subs ;(

sara vandervelden

I love your vitios

Tylay 01


Blue Cyber

Most of Dude Perfect Videos. Are Abusing balloons

Not a single soul:

Dech Nourtide

I felt that last one through the floor.


And I think you would see it change course

T.J. Piroch

make one with Antonio brown or obj


don't turn them into a troll then that make you the bully

ramiro perez

Next remix:

Nadya Ramdhani

the last part of this song issss soooooo goodddd!