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Teach kids about shapes, video specially for kids, toddlers and preschoolers. ▶ Shapes tracing: 30pcs Sponge Painting Shapes:Shape Stacker: our sunshine store?▶ Lyrics: Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Oval, Heart, Pentagon, Semi-circle, Hexagon, Pie, Cloud, Diamond, Cross, Arrow, Trapezium, Parallelogram, Star, Crescent


In the credit scene where it shows vulture talking to some guy. That guy played vaas im far cry 3 ;)

Manojbhai Hadiyal

Please video for first trik

villalyn mapalad


Anthony Lozano


Rani Basila

Why Fortnight? :(



He should be featuted on dykg sometime.


shit is so dumb

Marty robbins

4:38 is that dj kaled?

Jake.The. Shepherd

I love this song sm and omg you and annie are so cute! You are both my idols ilygsm☺️

Just-living 15

Y’all if you think about it fast food chains been hosting future rich people sometimes.

Electra Heart

Can't believe i'm gonna say this but at least Donald Trump isn't like this guy, gosh. Honestly this is super horrible...

The Conservative yankee

Who fixes rage monsters mess

Frank Gutierrez

Russel your the best

anthony gallego

do you guys own that shop?

creed fate

Report him for child pornography.

Josue Dobbins


SirCrazyLion YT

Play Fortnite

Nash Szasz

Make more OVERTIME!!!! Pls, it's so entertaining


the eagle isnt as cool as the wolf

JP Hall

Dude perfect more like funny perfect

Ninja Sumo77


jess b

Finish the sentenceIf I had Elsa power I would .......

Awesome Fortnite

Dude, perfect


I can NOT do open relationships

Ayy Lmao

oh look, ive seen this one before

M Riethmiller

That last on is so true

Baby Yazzy

Oh yeah yeah

Randall Dusang

So is Aiden an assassin