Shannen Doherty interview Ushi ( November 6th 2010 )

First; Last year Greg vaughan ( Dan Gordon from Charmed ) was fooled by Ushi, His wife Touriya Houad tricked him into this, because she was great friends with Wendy Van Dijk ( She plays Ushi )Now a year Later, Greg tricked Shannen Doherty for doing an interview with Ushi!Now Shannen is tricked by Greg & ushi, maybe next time Holly Marie Combs can be tricked by Ushi & Shannen Doherty.I hope you will enjoy, it's a great TV Show here in the Netherland, it has 2.8 million viewers each Saturday !you can look up the Interview with Greg Vaughan by searching on youtube for;Ushi & Dushi Greg Vaughan Interview

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1:15 who was waiting for a bottle to be smashed on his head?

Liam Sink

when the lipstick easter egg was shown, the paper next to it said "Lost Dog, BOLT" And Bolt was a movie about a dog running away

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Who loves Ryan and Dolphins

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Who's watching this in 2016?

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The quality is amazing in this vid omfg

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damn this story is actually useful for my business studies lol


This video was oddly perfect


Last night, my dad was playing this with me and when i found the office easter egg i was so excited because i always used youtube to search for easter eggs! :D

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I'm selling office replays. Have a look: Serge lbaka: led the league in blocks and steals COD Was Noscoped by BF

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This is amazing!! So funny :D


Now I am curious why there isn't a Pizza Planet Truck in The Incredibles.

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Solaire? Was that you? I knew you were real


sounds like a mix of Zombie arcade song and pareidolia don't you think?

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*Childhood flashback*