Sex and the City ... and their real life partners

Who is Sarah Jessica Parker Dating? Who is Sarah Jessica Parker's Boyfriend? Who is Sarah Jessica Parker's Husband? Is Sarah Jessica Parker Single? Who is Sarah Jessica Parker married to?Who is Kim Cattrall Dating? Who is Kim Cattrall's Boyfriend? Who is Kim Cattrall's Husband? Is Kim Cattrall Single? Who is Kim Cattrall married to?Who is Kristin Davis Dating? Who is Kristin Davis's Boyfriend? Who is Kristin Davis's Husband? Is Kristin Davis Single? Who is Kristin Davis married to?Who is Lynn Cohen Dating? Who is Lynn Cohen's Boyfriend? Who is Lynn Cohen's Husband? Is Lynn Cohen Single? Who is Lynn Cohen married to?Who is Mario Cantone Dating? Who is Mario Cantone's Boyfriend? Who is Mario Cantone's Husband? Is Mario Cantone Single? Who is Mario Cantone married to?Who is Molly Shannon Dating? Who is Molly Shannon's Boyfriend? Who is Molly Shannon's Husband? Is Molly Shannon Single? Who is Molly Shannon married to?Who is Anne Meara Dating? Who is Anne Meara's Boyfriend? Who is Anne Meara's Husband? Is Anne Meara Single? Who is Anne Meara married to?Who is Bridget Moynahan Dating? Who is Bridget Moynahan's Boyfriend? Who is Bridget Moynahan's Husband? Is Bridget Moynahan Single? Who is Bridget Moynahan married to?Who is Cynthia Nixon Dating? Who is Cynthia Nixon's girlfriend? Who is Cynthia Nixon's wife? Is Cynthia Nixon single? Who is Cynthia Nixon married to?Who is Chris Noth Dating? Who is Chris Noth's girlfriend? Who is Chris Noth's wife? Is Chris Noth single? Who is Chris Noth married to?Who is John Corbett Dating? Who is John Corbett's girlfriend? Who is John Corbett's wife? Is John Corbett single? Who is John Corbett married to?Who is Evan Handler Dating? Who is Evan Handler's girlfriend? Who is Evan Handler's wife? Is Evan Handler single? Who is Evan Handler married to?Who is David Eigenberg Dating? Who is David Eigenberg's girlfriend? Who is David Eigenberg's wife? Is David Eigenberg single? Who is David Eigenberg married to?Who is Kyle MacLachlan Dating? Who is Kyle MacLachlan's girlfriend? Who is Kyle MacLachlan's wife? Is Kyle MacLachlan single? Who is Kyle MacLachlan married to?Who is James Remar Dating? Who is James Remar's girlfriend? Who is James Remar's wife? Is James Remar single? Who is James Remar married to?Who is Mikhail Baryshnikov Dating? Who is Mikhail Baryshnikov's girlfriend? Who is Mikhail Baryshnikov's wife? Is Mikhail Baryshnikov single? Who is Mikhail Baryshnikov married to?Who is Ron Livingston Dating? Who is Ron Livingston's girlfriend? Who is Ron Livingston's wife? Is Ron Livingston single? Who is Ron Livingston married to?Who is Blair Underwood Dating? Who is Blair Underwood's girlfriend? Who is Blair Underwood's wife? Is Blair Underwood single? Who is Blair Underwood married to?Who is John Slattery Dating? Who is John Slattery's girlfriend? Who is John Slattery's wife? Is John Slattery single? Who is John Slattery married to?Who is Robert John Burke Dating? Who is Robert John Burke's girlfriend? Who is Robert John Burke's wife? Is Robert John Burke single? Who is Robert John Burke married to?Who is Justin Theroux Dating? Who is Justin Theroux's girlfriend? Who is Justin Theroux's wife? Is Justin Theroux single? Who is Justin Theroux married to?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Track: Ship Wrek & Essy - Fools Gold [NCS Release]Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.Watch: Download / Stream:


oh shit that's creepy

Jake Stern

Fuck those raptors fans honestly man a bunch of fucking pussies

Prabhjeet Singh

I have never seen before that

The World's Friend



i think the guy is elon musk



LaShaunta Smith

That was sad

Nolan Bachman

Do Antonio Brown plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I love him he so good #84

Kris Bowerman


Cody: 🔴 Gta,Anthem,Destiny, Skyrim: Observe


U a good youtuber. I apreciate u

John Doe

I want a golden hamburger!

Sachin Talwar


buster bunny

the song must be perfect not too rock neither too soft just like this one


Im watching this while eating

Kim Jong Chungus

Try watching them in slow motion


The beginning is a mood

Tami B

i didn't even understand what alex did wrong, wtf, the girl was being overdramatic

Chozing Bhutia

huge fan of dude perfect

N I K I T A Play

Блин обратно строитель куда-то уезжает.

Piggo Learns

Can you guys please burn sulfur?

Sofia Wafa

Stay strong, determined and hopeful

Gymnasticsforlife Cheerchanel

Sugar honey iced tea stands for shit lol my friend taught me that


You need to do a video showing off all the trophies won in the battles

BeaTz Tr4pzZ

Still can't believe this is fake


Crunchy peanut butter 😍 yesss

shwetha ashok


Elimatra Shadow

i think yes >*-*< the third world war will beome true soon :(

Angel Johnson

Jeffree should do an eye shadow palette with nothing but shades that corresponds with his lipstick shades

Katerina Zori

How much practice does it want???

Just Kenzie

you are a dumbass okay


stalin is god

I don’t hate transgenders, but seeing boys turn to girls or girls turn to boys creeps me out a little. Not sure why.

Tristan K

Looks fun! Also does every one saying the same “pay __ for full access” think they’re funny after the first 256 people who made the exact same joke?

Thank you Babish!

Cian Lynch

Small easter egg but if you go into prone infront of the perk machines on SOE, you get 100 points, this is a joke towards finding coins under an actual soda machine.

anyway, love your videos mr. :)

lolibug artigirl

They always get it right


Why did you make your channel based of finding Easter eggs in video games and movies?

3 ask your friends to help u

Nipsey’s Line

JTD Project


taylor tstuart

yes. not in mw2.

be- boss

hey guys whats up what about to go to dubai and make a shot basket ball from the top of khalifa tower and make new genus record