Linkages and bushes in the gearchange will probably be worn, but replacement is easy and cheap.
The gearchange is notchy; if it's particularly baulky a rebuild may be due.
But bide your time and find a cracker because itll be worth.
Accelerate hard and look for blue smoke; reconditioned turbos are available.Finding a car still close to factory spec will be a challenge, especially in the case of the Mk1 which was fitted with unique Recaro seats, bodykit and seven-spoke alloy wheels.The time now is 08:53.All of the RS Turbo Mk1s came in white, while the Mk2 was offered in an array of colours. PassionFord Swap oblem Resolution, Bug Report Feature kristin davis escort Discussion Bug Reports Feature Suggestions Infraction / Moderation Queries All times are GMT.Frankly, youre better off not setting your heart on a particular colour because there are so few really good examples of these cars left, with even fewer coming onto the market.The key is to use a fuel cleaner/additive and decent-quality petrol.The dampers also have bushes top and bottom. Concours d'élégance. .Its easy to think of the RS Turbo as little more than a boosted XR3i, but its more than that the suspension settings were altered and there was a viscous-coupled limited-slip diff to get the power down.Tech spec - Ford Escort RS Turbo.Lotus kenny 06:58 PM by mk2grp1 3 333 mk4 wing bumper bracket Immy 2 292 brake pipe / hose thread sizes s1cab 06:11 PM by bigdel 1 2,000 ZVH with.8 sierra head?Check the electrics windows work as motors tend to fail, but you can track down used replacements cheaply.We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to m and affiliated sites.Theres also a plastic quadrant on the clutch pedal, which wears then fails.If theres one car maker thats renowned for producing one affordable performance car after another its Ford.
Any banging suggests the TCA bushes have split.

Distributors often leak oil at the joint with the cylinder head, but new seals cost pennies and are easy to fit.But the engine remains as before and theres now mechanical anti-lock braking as standard.Even now its a well sort after car with Mint stock untouched versions selling for as much as 20,000 (was 9,250 new).It's by far one of the best Cars Ford Europe has ever made and i would love to see the car in future Gran Turismo tiles. Technical help Q A Technical essay Archives PassionFord FAQsFord car Forums listed by Model. .E349JJN Damo-RST 5 251 S1 rs turbo Mrwatson 0 224 Canada1 09:34 PM by turbo m 36 7,159 slammedorion 9 787 Karlos G 351 94,797 flat out 22 3,996 Rear Disc Conversion Adaptor Brackets Project_Bonus 3 377 Fuel pump relay johnboy73 35 1,637 Interior bits.
Fuel-injection systems sludge up, leading to poor fuel delivery and rough running.