While many of those are working independently, with free choice, one city sex worker today told the echo how some are being coerced against their will into prostitution.
Denman Road, Newsham Park.
No need for prostitution, unless you are on the kinky side and want somthing special init!Away from nighttime business.The exact situation on Merseyside is not clear police said they had no evidence of woman being trafficked for sex.Cllr Flo Clucas, executive member for social care, said: "We'll look at where there is already an existing problem with prostitution.Inside the city centre.Almost every unit in the Kempston Street industrial area is currently in use, and firms say more must be done to improve the area.Ooh put ya rubber gloves on stylee eh!There will now be a intellectual whores month of consultation with businesses in the short-listed areas, all in industrial sites.The area, which does not have a prostitution problem, has some night-time business activity and is close to homes, although fenced off from public access.
There is also an empty council-owned business unit which could be used for health and welfare support services.
You can spot a girl whos being forced to work a mile off.

A report in June said 83 of people-were in favour of a managed zone and 91 said it should be away from residential areas.She added: "Like most people, there are times when I have to work late.Tunnel Road, Edge Hill.It also includes a vacant council-owned business unit that could be used for support services for prostitutes.I don't want to have to walk through a vice zone to get to my car.The echo is aware of business cards being handed out by foreign women in Liverpool city centre.It is also close to residential areas, although the proposed site is fenced off from public access.Sex trafficking is especially profitable, as human beings are recyclable.In 2010, the Association of Chief Police Officers (acpo) estimated 30,000 women in off-street prostitution, such as brothels, saunas and escorting.There is already prostitution in the three Kempston Street areas, with up to 20 prostitution using the Craven Street car park site, but Jamaica Street industrial area does not have a problem.They will then be considered bya council select committee and a final site agreed by Liverpool council's executive board, after discussions at full council level - but it will still need Home Office approval.
There is a small amount of student accommodation close to the proposed site.
Mike Creer, manager of the criminal justice intervention programme, received a "very encouraging response" when he outlined Liverpool's plan to the Local Government Association, Association of Chief Police Officers and Home Office.

The Human Trafficking Foundation said the true scale of the problem was unquantifiable.