Education and Training Requirements, summer camp counseling is a valuable way to get early experience in this field.
Trainees work alongside more experienced escorts until they are familiar with both company procedure and destination.Although the casino brothel enormous growth in the travel industry guarantees a continuing demand for tour escorts, in the future they may need more advanced training.Religious tours, cultural tours, reunion tours for veterans, and tours for professional and interest groups are just several examples of outings that require the services of a tour escort.Tour companies may be long established, internationally based, and highly structured; others may have a few operators at their head office and twenty or thirty escorts out in the field.Large tour operators have organized benefits and incentive plans for office and field personnel).Bureau of Labor Statistics, tour escorts earn a median salary.27 per hour, but experienced escorts can make up to 150 a day, depending on the scope of the tour and the size of the group.With seniority comes a better choice of itineraries and an opportunity to train new escorts.Some tour escorts will enter the field as replacements for those who leave, but many will find openings available as the industry expands.Others specialize in certain markets such as students or retirees.Some colleges have started to offer degrees in tourism; however, most tour escorts learn their skills on the job.
Some specialize in certain activitiesarchaeological digs or mountain climbing, for instance.
Education and Training: High school; on-the-job-training, salary: Median9.27 per hour, employment Outlook: Fair.

However, not all group tours are the same.They may also receive tips.Tour escorts usually work for tour companies, which are as varied as their clientele.Earnings and Benefits, according to the.S.They must be able to respond calmly to such crises as airline strikes and bus breakdowns.All travel-related job opportunities are tied to economic conditions that affect the amount of money people have to spend on travel.Many larger tour companies have intensive training programs in which escorts learn how to deal with potential problems.Prospective tour escorts can also apply directly to tour companies that hire escorts.
The work of a tour escort is extremely demanding.

Definition and Nature of the Work.
Fringe benefits include free travel and hotel accommodations.
World Travel Directory, clients expect their tour escorts to be knowledgeable and friendly.