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While the armies of Chorus converge on Alpha, the members of the away team are doing their best to understand the mysterious alien gateway. Join FIRST to watch episodes early: Get your Red vs Blue merch: Subscribe: Red vs. Blue Season 13:The sim-troopers of Blood Gulch have seen their fair share of insanity over the years, but they’ve never faced anything quite like this. Stranded on the planet Chorus, the Reds and Blues must convince two enemy armies to join forces or suffer complete annihilation at the hands of a bloodthirsty war lord. As the final installment in the critically acclaimed Chorus Trilogy, Red vs. Blue: Season 13 is as hilarious as it is thrilling. Between deadly mercenaries, alien artifacts and old rivalries, our hapless heroes are in for the fight of their lives in the longest running sci-fi/comedy series in American history, Red vs. Blue.More from Rooster Teeth:» Rooster Teeth: 13, Episode 8 - Test Your Might | Red vs. Blue

Ricardo _7910


Aditya Shrestha

Bro just drink the water, wtf?

KraZar _18

I wonder what’s his side of the story

- types of people in high school


Milk jog blaster again? Well cus this shot was long then call it the Milky Way if ya agree:D

Jason Parks

“Blog? “ Also, this was a sweet love story.



Andrew Erickson

At first I was like, why are there only 4 dad's then I realized oh the twins have the same dad

Dex Olpindo

They should go to NBA and just destroy all the teams xD

Jeremias Solorzano

Sin palabras bad

Devin Holladay

Check my vlog out everybody I hope her mother survives

Con Spiracii

You didn’t have to make this, it’s 42.

BeaEllen vlogz

The boy across my table called me obese 😞

Shreks Pickle

Am I the only one that noticed that in Ethan's car he has sex wax if u pause at 16:57 you can see it by the steering wheel

I have reddit on my said if you take this seriously

Leila B

Done 🥰

Ivalina Passe

Odell Beckham should make Movies. Get into Film Industry.

idk anymore

This is so good cant wait to go to the grand rapids concert

Pradyumn Purohit

1:51 some girl is tying Cody shoe

Talsong Kingslayer

I'm glad Mary isn't friends with you. You don't deserve friends. Though, you are just selfish to removing her from your life because she stood up for herself.


Unrelated: Do you prefer Bo's "what." or "Make Happy" special?


Is it possible to have both?


Check out my trick shots!(the best one is called, ultimate basketball shots)

Joakim Kalcidis

Great episode. Yama-san is very charming. I would love to see more of him just eating and laughing.


L0L Master chef halo

Southwest 009

Nice shot

Diamond _ Source

4:50 I think they mean Troy Tulowizki magic

Connor Lamoy

Ty lost so bad

Harrison The Frenchie

4:34 who are you showing the ball too? 😂

Llamas Rule

Omg your being bullied for hating someone because they like the same gender! Gasp! Also your friend prolly was going to come out to you

Amber Fortenberry

who is the panda

I knew we would be perfect together.

Naïm Draw

Rage monster returns 😂


Pretty much all of the them....but for like 5 months straight

Tim Gauley



anyone watching from october 2020

Stephanie Smith

Don't throw them so hard💪🏻

Philipp Märkl


William Dunn

do it for the hollahologram

om gavas

Real madrid

Joshua Howard

Amazing, they have awesome jobs

zihao Wang