Season 12, Episode 8 - Thin Ice | Red vs. Blue - YouTube

The Reds and Blues try to break into the compound. Join FIRST to watch episodes early: Get your Red vs Blue merch: Subscribe: RVB ANNIVERSARY SHIRT: Red vs. Blue Season 12:Shipwrecked, separated and still sort of... dumb. The Red and Blue soldiers of Project Freelancer are continuing their misadventures on Chorus. With their leaders captured, Tucker, Grif, Simmons, and Caboose now find themselves caught in the middle of a planet-wide civil war, and if they want to save their friends, they'll have to lead a hopeless army of rebels to victory. Between alien artifacts, subpar subordinates and mysterious mercenaries, the heroes of Blood Gulch have got their work cut out for them, and they really hate work.More from Rooster Teeth:» Rooster Teeth: 12, Episode 8 - Thin Ice | Red vs. Blue

Mc Lovin

omg!!! Duke nukem is master chief...


wait but i say no ALL the time and still only have 3 bucks


Directors: How many things do you want the trailer to reveal about the plot? Disney:Just Elsa and Anna playing will do

JohnMichael Banuelos

Am I the only who thinks that there's a bigger, even larger Easter egg that no one knows about? I mean Asylum had the hidden arkham city room and City had the Scarecrow boat. I get this is the las game but a great Easter egg would still be nice

c z

Damn why is this so dramatic

King Pixel gun 3d


Twisted Beast

Panda Is A Furry...

Lunar_eclipse 03

I just got mine today for the 3rd time 😕

Wm. D. Nelson

Why'd he leap into all those people to begin with, he could have killed someone. Sidelines should have more room for players to have their space to play the game. And that dude is lucky Lowry was a man about it and didn't pick him up and throw him through the ceiling.

Fajar Hidayat

Is the best from indonesia

Oscar Macario

Guru what is you favorite game and/or easter egg

Ne bileyim DEyip



I lost it at "Their love is unbreakable~~"

Terminated account

Why pikachu is in bill Murray's bladder is a great mystery of our time.

drago gaming

Pause at 5:10

We're all unique

King Omkar

How can this guy's perfect I'm every thing

Supa Sports

The bottle buster was setup.U could tell.



3:07 PLEASE don't be doing that Clone Wars thing where the good guys inexplicably all have blue blasters and the bad guys have red.

gaming with faith

im also live in the philipines dont worry me also im very very diffrent but im dont care even tho i dont have real friends at my school but i have my cousins


What is the music name

alice_boerner3 _

My little sister has CF, I was pretty young when she was born, only 4, but I still remember her being in the hospital for months before she could come home. I was too young to understand that she was sick, but as we me, her, and our older brother grew up, I started to see all her medication and machines and doctors appointments. She was always a happy kid, and still is. I’m glad that she was born in a time where better treatments and meds are available. We also take a lot of percussions to make sure her lungs stay healthy, so she is pretty healthy for a CF patient. She’s currently trialing a few new medications, which are supposed to help her a lot. She’s currently a happy 12 year old, and still very healthy ❤️


Things will never be better for me The reason is so strong

gameing lemon

those dead bodies will rise to heaven


My mom volunteers to mental hospital

Hideki Shinichi

You are GROSS....

Naina Padda

You're a man acting like a girl

Your all lovely and beautiful

UnicornPower EZB

Congrats on 10 million!