sayings about man whores

Perhaps hell trybut I have a feeling hell kill Amarantha first.
So yes a bitch and a dog very much belong together.
Why make you her whore?
Every dog plays the field until he gets what he was seeking for.My father killed Tamlins fatherand his brothers.(I mean, that couldnt hurt, probably.Why do you think Im doing this?I lifted my brows in silent question.He picked at his nails.

The guy who will rape someone.Its not a matter of Dad sitting down with his preadolescent son and incorporating 'Dont be a criminal!' into the 'birds and the bees' talk.Smh poor boy, needs to leave her nasty ass.I gritted my teeth, but even as my anger rose, a picture cleared.But its not the point.) Its about teaching our boys to actively oppose sexual violence.So hell kill her tomorrow, and Ill be free before he can start a fight with me that will reduce our once-sacred mountain to rubble.Like my territory, he said, and his eyes held a far-off look that I hadnt yet seen.

A chill went through.