Saying *GOODBYE* - Subnautica Ending Part #19

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Blue Baron


I love how mad max is literally just a pipe in the ground on fire

The Daily Meme

4:36Is it me or does it sound likeCory says joe instead of go.


Вот парни бабки рубят! это пздц!


Wow this was awesome and the girl he gets with because of his android ends up being an android what a plot twist and sad to see his android pal n pal’s gf hit by the train

James Lawin Angelo

WOW DISNEY REALLY SHINES 2019WITH:Avengers: EndgameStar Wars Episode IXAladdinThe Lion Kingand FROZEN II!!!

Vince Elrey

I saw you're show today

Liam Low

can we have Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel on hot ones pleaseee

GGPS Qasmani

Last one from Ty

Gian Pasoot



Yay nice episode!

robot iguana

Please do more videos based on movies

clay carpenter

What kind of message is this serving?? Dont care about the cool beat. Time we start influencing in the right ways.

- Loafy Chan -

i wish i could just hug her and tell her that everything is going to be alright and that beautiful comes from the inside


do you find all of these yourself?


Its funny cause i never seen these movies :D

Princess Pink

When my dad and my grandpa and my grandpa that I never even met died I didn't cry well except for my dad I cried a lot my dad was smoking and he died because of heart failure

Aiden Jordan

Tom Brady



shay thompson

Guru. How on earth do u get these so quick?


Jenn Lee

His panda

Zane 32521

Wow! This just look amazing

Anna Leigh Kirk


Xavier D'souza

Why does steph and the warriors get so many excuses?? I dont get it. Every other star or team facing this. Kawhi leonard himself playing with a tendonitis.

imnew99097 - Roblox & More!

What the hell was that


ditto is kirby

Bracknell Ridges

A great pity no attempt was made to answer the three negative points at the end of this otherwise excellent video. I would have shared this very widely if these points were answered as they can be.


@AshleyKhaoz nobody cares

Harrison Cotner

Brody Lewis

low to high

Guzzlord Gaming


And may not wear them. O, here comes my nurse,


Wonderful video ! Stay awesome

Iosef Stalin

Boat: Exist


Guys lets gather up some likes on this comment, in petition for Mr. Beast to plant a million trees to save earth..

Celine Crisostomo

I just have a question, have you ever ask her name because you just call her "the girl" not judging

r b

It is illegl for a mom to hit a child

cst 4


Friends friends friends friends


8 yr olds have phones now!?

Godric- 187

Great video man. One of my favorite games of all time.

Bisexual Polar bear

Eathonol Pie

Imagine how long it took to set up all the bowling Pins in round two!?

Sub 2obeyrandumb now

This video is on.trutv Americas funniest


second panda is hotter than first