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Ok, thanks for telling me I will keep it in mind but I will wait and see what Maureen says.
What more could any woman ask for?
Then one weekend Billie announced, We will all have a few drinks then later on when we are all getting in the mood I want to make things a bit more exciting tonight.
You will provide the house and everything in it, you will buy her clothes and things, oh by the way while I am thinking about your wifes clothes.Then of course I am sure your Maureen enjoyed herself when he was fucking her tonight, I know I always did, so she might like the idea of getting it regularly with Mel.Then the fact that you allowed her to come back to me in front of all those people when I had already spent a couple of hours fucking her meant that you might not object to me having an affair with your wife.She giggled and told me, well we were both really enjoying ourselves, especially the second time, her voice dropped to a whisper, and he does have a nice big cock.That looks like Maureens bra panties, I dont think that there is any doubt about what those two will soon be doing.Thats not fair, someone shouted, we were supposed to have an hour in the dark.Then I saw her get off your lap and she came over to me and when she started kissing me as soon as I grabbed hold of her I started to think that Maureen might be the one that I have been looking for.She moved on and when she came to Mel she announced, no need to go any further, Mel obviously fancies Maureen.But the on Saturday I got the opportunity to get Maureen into bed at Billies, of course I had always fancied her but I didnt think it would be possible to make a permanent arrangement with her.The next day of course it was Sunday so I was not surprised that it was almost lunchtime before my wife arrived home.So of course her parties were always popular especially with a couple of contractors who were the only unattached men who were invited and clearly loved the opportunity to get their hands on other peoples wives.She jumped up and went over to Mel, she climbed onto his knee and he immediately wrapped his arms around her and kissed her.I am sure that we have, well I better warn you.Eventually they both came out together, Mel was dressed but my wife had only a towel wrapped around her waist, and she was naked from the waist.I still had a hard on so I said, Well go to him and let him know that you are interested in a repeat performance.Rating:.8/ 10 (20 votes cast).
Several men shouted out there ideas, and Mel said, why dont you pick the guy who is most turned on by the thought of having Maureen alone for an hour?
Oh yes it is exactly what I want, two men looking after me, Baz providing everything that I need for a good life and Mel fucking me and really satisfying me in bed almost every night.

Eight men including me put their hands.They snogged for a few minutes and then I could see them whispering to each other.Then I am going escort services legal in california to put all the lights out and I want all the men to find a seat, then when you are all settled the girls will go and find a seat with a man.The lights will stay out for about an hour so you can all have a bit of fun.So do you want to see him again?Easy just check them out yourself.Yes it was great, Mel is very fit and we did it twice more before we went to sleep.

I dont mind too much if she is having a good time.
So I waited to hear from my wifes new lover what they had arranged between them, I already had a good idea from my conversation with Billie and I knew that whatever it was I would not object to any.