The pistol grip stock has two ford escort 1997 manual shotshell holders built into its rear section and it has sling attachments fitted around the magazine extension at the front and on the rear bottom of the stock, to allow the fitting of a tactical sling.
A muzzle cap or thread protector comes with the shotgun if you do not like the look of a muzzle brake.
The gun takes seven in the magazine and one in the chamber, there is a manual safety catch at the rear of the trigger guard.It comes as standard with a fixed choke, the chamber is 3 inch (76mm) so can take a variety of tactical ammunition.To load the gun the bottom loading gate has double bar system elite north escorts so you can load with one hand only without having to push a button in as on the older models.It is seen as the entry-level gun due to its price and the fact it has all the features you require.Hatsan call it the fast Loading System, its a double bar loading gate design so loading/re-loading is very fast, just the ticket for a practical shotgun where loading is really the key to having any great success.I would fit an optical sight like a red dot for slug competitions such as Timed and Precision One or Multi Target anyway, as I have done already with my Benelli (Coming 11th at the first ever National Target Shotgun Championships last year).For ultra coolness the bottom of the action is just slapped with the hand and the action slams shut instantly.Watch Queue, queue _count total loading.The bolt handle is perfect for a target/practical shotgun as it is an extended version on the MP-A, it is 25mm long and 10mm in diameter at its widest part, which is right at the end where you get hold.The.721 on the test gun also equates more to a skeet or even improved cylinder dimension.Price: 608 rrp Fixed choke model, distributor: Edgar Brothers.

You can now get an MP-A 24 71 with an adjustable choke barrel, it has the same front sight with a red fibre optic rod element but no muzzle brake as it is threaded internally for fitting different sized chokes.The front post has a 15mm long red coloured fibre optic rod.The ghost ring sights on the MP-A are fine for practical as they are.The rod within the front sight post is adjustable for height relative to the shooter, it pivots on a pin at its center,.5mm Allen stud at the front of the sight moves the rod up and down.There is even the option of packing up the rear of the rail with brass shims and defcon if adjusting or lowering the front sight is not enough.FAC (not a shotgun certificate).Hatsan call their valving system on the new gun the smart valve piston, it adjusts automatically to what ever size load of powder you are using.Push in from the left and it is on safe and push in from the right and it shows a red ring around its circumference and it ready to fire.Hatsan is the need to keep it clean, but that goes for all gas operated weapons.Either way the MP-A with the fixed cylinder barrel will work with birdshot or slug.
Pushing independent a level escorts this catch in prevents a round from leaving the magazine, it stays in until you push it in and forward, then it springs back out allowing rounds to exit the magazine.

If you want you can shoot one of these guns straight out of the box without having to spend any more money on tricking up the gun.