More wrong IS right May 21st, 2018 9/8c Because of the results of their psychological evaluations, detectives Stabler and Jeffries are in danger of losing their jobs, and they will have to undergo further evaluation and submit formal explanations to an investigation commission.
Detectives Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Rollins (Kelli Giddish) struggle to piece together what really happened to this young woman, especially when her aunt (guest star Preston) and mother say Gia has been repeatedly institutionalized, and has cried rape in the past.
July 30th, 2018 9/8c After therapy uncovers repressed memories of abuse and fearing her seven-year-old sister is currently being molested, an eighteen-year-old girl brings charges of rape against her father who winds up murdered when those charges are dismissed.Detectives Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Amaro (Danny Pino) begin their investigation but find the victim unwilling to cooperate.More friending emily October 9th, 2017 9/8c The team investigates the kidnapping of a 14-year old girl from a frat party, and enlist the help of a hacker when a video of her is posted on an untraceable website.Her mother, the grand matriarch of the family, then turns to her trusted family advisor.Scott Bakula, Bijou Philips, Jessica Hecht.Trivia In this episode, Timothy Busfield plays a man named Daniel in The West Wing, his character's name is also Daniel (Danny).When the parents stories dont add up, the detectives must uncover what really happened to the missing baby, and the truth surprises everyone.Cragen stands accused of murder and the squad works to uncover the truth no matter how deep it goes.Captain Cragen teams up with Munch to solve the case.Further investigation uncovers that the woman may have been the victim of a serial killer.More Uncivilized March 26th, 2018 9/8c The death of a young boy leads Benson and Stabler to a violent child molester, released back into the community after 20 years.
She killed her lover in anger when he reneged on his promise to take her away with him on a trip around the world.
More Payback March 5th, 2018 9/8c The detectives investigate the murder and sexual mutilation of a New York cab driver.

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They then investigate her introverted foster brother (Colin Fickes).More vanity'S bonfire October 16th, 2017 8/7c The case of a kidnapped child quickly turns into a paternity investigation when falsified adoption and birth certificates surface showing that the kidnapper is the mentally-unstable biological mother.The young man's attorney blames his genetics as the reason for his actions.More dreams deferred October 23rd, 2017 8/7c When a man goes on a killing spree, Benson and the team detain a prostitute who regularly sees the man and uses her to lure him.August 13th, 2018 9/8c, stabler is teamed up with John 'Hawk' Hawkins to capture a serial rapist/murderer whom Hawk originally convicted years earlier.Ancient SVU fan proverb.
He reveals their link was that he was recently gang raped by her and her two female lawyer friends, Amelia Chase (Diane Neal) and Pam Adler (Paige Turco) after the three women handcuffed him to a bed during a bachelorette party.