Robot Arm & Controller - Building the DFRobot 5 DOF Robot Arm - YouTube

Arm provided by DFRobot - with code at projects at the mailing list at I’ll be putting together a 5 DOF Robot Arm kit by DF Robot. If you’ve been with the channel for a while you may remember that I assembled a MeArm a while ago. It was a fun project and the resulting arm was great for simple robotics experiments but it didn’t really have any serious capabilities.In this video I’m going to put together a much improved arm, the 5 DOF Robot Arm by DF Robot.This arm uses high-quality aluminum parts and heavy duty servo motors for a rugged assembly that will be excellent for experimenting.Unlike the small MeArm the DF Robot arm is capable of lifting a reasonable bit of weight and has an effective gripper mechanism.It’s also going to be a great platform for mounting sensors. In fact I already mounted a MPU5060 gyroscope and accelerometer on it, getting prepared for a future video!The only thing lacking with the kit is instructions, essentially there aren’t any. So hopefully this video and the accompanying article will serve as the missing instruction manual.Here is the Table of Contents for today's video:Arm Kit Unboxing - 2:57Power Supply Considerations - 8:26DOF Explained - 9:52Beginning Construction - 11:48Servo Motor Test - 14:42Arm Assembly - 17:11Controller Hookup - 45:03Controller Code - 47:26Arm Test - 52:02The article goes through the assembly in great detail, I suggest you check it out if you are building this arm (or one similar to it). You’ll also find a ZIP file with the code for the controller in the Resources section of the article.Check it out at .This is just the first video I will be doing with this arm, I intend to use it for many experiments and to mate it with some other robotics parts. I’m also planning to get the DF Robot Hex Base to mount the arm on, essentially creating a 6 DOF arm.Hope you enjoy the video, as always please leave comments and let me know what you think. I’d also like to thank DFRobot for providing the kit used in this video and article.You can pick up an arm for yourself at

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