Riwayad Qosol badan naladawo Nin Hinasey Sadex dalqadod kufudhy kooxda maslaxo Nadiir libax kabeyesb

fadlan subscrib saar chanelka like and share waxii fariina comnty nogu dhaaf

Kingtorres Jose

Assasin's Creed Unity

lincoln slaughter

Put a magnesium fire in a bucket of water

Jnklifeusa Instagram

Muslims are not allowed to have girlfriends or date, that's really haram

shommo ahian

Yo play fortnite battle


Congrats you sexy pair 💙 gunna buy my teddy fresh t shirt soon.

Julian DeFabulous

“Why is grandma black” had me dying😂😂😂

Jennifer Kilchenstein

Jen and Kristen are a funny duo.

DarceyAnn Xx

okay we’re ten secs into the video and she’s just said exeemah instead of eczema like oml

KID SPLASH Dose Gaming

🔥 🔥 🔥 jezz

Bella Camara


Me:i dont wanna go to school!


3:38 is not appropriate

Princess Brianna

1:16Before Kristoff snatched Anna away from what I'm presuming to be danger, she was about to run towards Elsa who was on her knees.I'm scared. But intrigued.

The Saucers

Shoot with Stephen curry

Snapped And Snatched

Wow and I thought me injuring myself in my sleep was weird?

Shenela Minas

The penguins of Madagascar one is hilarious though

Turnip Beloin

Breach contained. To years later, he finally gets up.

C& J Fishing

Anyone see the purple dot for Cory finding his rocked

Dow Walker


Irish Cats

Team Tyler

"I know! She didn't give me a nose!!!"


Valve where the hell is half life 3 who cares about portal


oh yea..

I left the other woman

Maria Yanes Lastra

En que ablas




I've d•p

Horses Are My Life

That's called germaphobic isn't it 😒😒😒🙄😑

claudia mora costa

I would go to the police and tell them about the guy who send them, and also talk to my parents and teachers about it. I know It’s clearly really hard, but if you don’t try to End them problem by talking about it and trying to get it fixed, it will be much wors. I’m sure. I hope my advice helps you . Good luck !

Hi Luk

Your dog can look out of this window* throws bowling ball threw window

Joseph Kirsits

this video is so cool Joey

Christopher Packham

Great video, apart from the girlfriend bit, made me feel shit. Every one I've had has just got the shits with me and my fucked up brain.

Haikal TGH

Her: Ten thousand dollars?!

Linh Chan

I know how to tell the twins one has lighter eyebrows

Isobel Palmer

Do soccer tricks