Rhythm Sticks Children's Song - JAMaROO Kids

We love an action packed song - don't you? Here is a fun song that uses "Rhythm Sticks" - so when Teacher Jamaica sings you can bang along! For more awesome songs subscribe to our Youtube Channel?And if you want to drop in to one of our music classes in the Bay Area check our website for dates and times - no preregistration required!If you want to buy Rhythm Sticks like Teacher Jamaica's click here:


damm I need to replay this game, finished it 3 times but whatever, can't wait for TLOU 2

Liz Santiago Santiago

"I launched my business from my garage" Sir YOU JUST COPIED STEVE JOBS

Victoria Petit


Vanessa Anffinson

Show offs


Mike we are all here for u

Randall Ruel

This is lame

Bryan P.



1:07 “VIRGINITY” 💀

Corey Read

This pe teacher is a c*nt

Gandalf The White

My Dad: you are a mess we made son

Then... Did my little brother (okay okay this sound really crazy that my LITTLE BROTHER abused me... But i'm is only one yaer older than him) do it... And that was sent the first time... That was around the eighth time HE did it... It was the Day before crismas, crismas and some month later... So i'm up on 14 times i have been abused... And I am just turn 15 the 23/4 (and my mom forgot about it...) so... I have Aldo have been bullied for 10 years and I live in a foster family that i hate... And not that teenage-hate but REALLY thay said something like "so that's why you have no friends" and when i had a eating disorder for a half og a yaer they called me fat and stuff. This isn't much about the story about me.. I don't know if i should try to sent my story so it can be animated?

vinod singh

it was more like a second teaser than a trailor😂😂



Jayson Lacy

we need more bromo. plz?

HAJJI Abdellah

Dude 888111


My mom has depression and anxiety and takes medication for it but im still afraid because my older sister has depression and has had it growing up around me and she has tried to kill herself and shes self harmed but im still scared i dont want to make my mom more stressed or feel like im gonna do some of the things my sister has done even though i have had suicidal thoughts

Brooklynn Ellis

no offence but im going into middle school and i even new that on an on demand, witch is what they were doing for english, that u cant study for it so u can make it up as long as it sounds real enough to be true.


love your videos but I think you should return to your old style without the music and showing a picture before each point. it reduces the paste of the video. But that's just my opinion. I liked the "grown up/ no unnecessary bullshit" style of your videos.

Savannah Muncy

Anyone else notice that from behind, the guy from Hitman looks like Slender Man


When it storms, when it rains

Canal desconhecido

Music? Pls

Emanuele Borghini

10:31 Incoming!!! Reference a TF2