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Hello Learners,In this video, we will be starting the research aptitude and the meaning definition features and objectives are explained in this. For downloading notes in PDF formatplease visit my Blog more videos of OB in English visit this link more videos of OB in Hindi visit this linkgo through the video and don't forget to share your views and subscribe the channel to keep the content open and reachable to students. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep on watching, keep on learning! #DynamicStudyOur aim is to make free content for each and every student in our society, so if you want to support this cause you can do it in two ways 1. Make free content, your content will be published to our youtube channel after review. 2. Donate a bit of amount to Paytm 8299551444 for this noble cause.

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Return To Castle Wolfenstein was such an amazing game! Kinda disappointed  that this game did not have any supernatural elements to it, but this game kicked ass without it! Great video as usual Guru!

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You should have destroyed/shot the MA-R-I-A gravestones in that order on Insane difficulty to complete the easter egg.

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