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Sara Alghamdi

L am born like so



I feel so fu€king bad for here


Что я только что посмотрел

My life is ruined by my brother because he changed...😭😭😭😭



That scene in Pleasantville stayed in my memory for years, even when I forgot all other parts of the movie or even what the movie was called, I remembered that scene and would think of it often, and I had no idea why until now.

Steve donttrip

It's a Nike lol I did that before

Çağrı Bıkmaz

You are the BEST

P.J. Pelfrey

You'll shoot your eye out is from A Christmas Story

Fake Gamer

The batman easter egg wasnt found the creators of the game had to tell everyone

nice try tho

Terran 02

Clown busta is the same thing the guest said in the lacrosse video.Same shot same quote


I opened website but what to do after that please guide about

Çınar Akbaş


T Jex.

Dab on them grave robbers

Slijmgoals 2018


November-San SM

Poor North Korea......I’m sorry you president is a lunatic, hope we don’t go to war!

You gentlemen have my respect and my blessing


the amazing gumball one was pretty obvious

song Lyrics

Lyrics video




@BlackSabbath4ever1 i didnt yet soooo.......... yea and im no smart so i win... or lose


how many times do you think they had to keep doing this till they got it right.

Tiger25NYC Brooklyn

Kawhi gonna cook KD

Mr. Top Hat

I broke my screen tying to jump through and smack the boyfriend.

Caleb Moore

Garret is lazy lol