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Soundtrack Quali. VIel Spaß ^^Herz du klopfst so laut,Jetzt nur nicht verzagen,Kein zurück nun sind wir hier.Hör den weisen Rat,Nutze deine Chancen,Doch die Angst sitzt tief in mir.zurück in die Vergangenheit,Führt die Reise durch die Zeit.Weiter muss ich gehn,Ich weiß jemand wartet,Träum davon so lange schon.Ja, er schließt mich bald,Fest in seine Arme,Nein ich lauf nicht mehr davon.Ich wünscht so sehr es wär soweit,Auf der Reise durch die Zeit.Heim, Glück, Liebe,Auch für mich gehörtet ihr einmal dazu.Heim, Glück, Liebe,Wie sehr sehn ich mich nach euch,Was ich auch tue.Schritt für Schritt voran,Hoffnung die mich leitet,Auf dem Weg ins Niemandsland.Rückwärts durch die Zeit,Such ich meine Zukunft,Nimm' mein Herz fest in die HandJa, ich will mutig sein,Geh den Weg allein,Er führt in die Welt hinaus,Und bringt mich dann nach Haus.


What about GoW 3 the giant golden chicken when you shoot into the vent like 500 times and the ship when its burning.


I HATE KIM JOHN-UH! 1 like is 1 agree!! 😡

Amy The Cat

4:07 that aint a phone...das a tablet.

The Weirdo_ 100%

My main question is "What about the dog?"

the noob

Abandoned Channel

I know this sounds rude, but seriously? I mean, "OMG I MUST HAVE TOUCHED MY CLOTHES!" and "I NEED TO THROW AWAY THIS ENTIRE PAPER TOWEL ROLL BECAUSE SOMEONE MUST HAVE TOUCHED IT" is completely senseless. I'm sorry but that's completely retarded.

Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine

Its Lex Luthor

Handsome Kilaxe

"GuruKid's grocery"


They need to put this on those underarmor commericals when the pro athletes do those impossible drills like the one hand catch after jumping on the cable with one foot.

t Conjares

Shot in a volcano

3cats comedy

Dont feel bad it sucks I know what your feeling you were nine like I was it was not my mom but you did the right thing

TSMGG-hierd ranger King

This video is one fay before my bday

Rhonda Jones


The wolf

The joker vs red skull (the main enemy’s to the leaders of the two best super hero groups (justice league, avengers) Batman Captain America)


You heard it the video was fake

KatyBoe Baty

I have anxiety and it really sucks. But I won’t let my anxiety push me around because I’m in control of my anxiety.

Nano Shinonome


Aries Aguilar

#2 Trending in PH

[RANE] Panshoou

I quote from ty, "that was a lot of trick squirting" LMAO

John Weak

The real twisted fate

Daniel Batson

you 1k dislikes maybe you should try to live in africa like if you think the dislikers suck

Chuck e cheese girl

this is to violent... I'd rather play chuck e cheese skate universe or have dog videos apart of the top trending list

Lemons 4Life

What does it mean if I feel something hurting me on the chest