Really? Your day is coming ole lying demons.

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Symptom 1: Honestly, yes Ive been feeling sad for a long time now and I dont know why... I just feel so empty inside.

Anne Ibbott

Since space is a vacuum and not a medium the sound has nothing to vibrate through. So no there is no sound in space.

Peter McM

This young prodigy looks like a 5 time super bowl winner

Maggie Dimayuga HD

Cody can swim a mile

Cupcake Holiday

I actually nearly lost my baby sister my mom went into labor and the nurse could not find her heart beat and it was my first sister and I was the youngest when my mom was on tv I she told me what happened and when I heard what happens I started crying in my moms arms while my baby sister was is in bed I was so lucky that she was able to be born and we didn’t loose her I was so happy and now I spend time with her all the time and I said to my mom “she is like the other half of my heart” she just fills my heart with joy

Shorty tell me I'm the same

Atmosphere 1


Yasmin padilla

I only watching and planning if I should have a baby when I older I only 12 2

Sal Ryan Mejia



Too bad they can't count to 3...

Johan Krogh Nielsen

that is so cool


@XxSilverStrykerxX Yea me too wtf?


That car was mercedes benz GL 450

Sean Gutierrez

For a second I thought it was going to be an actually story but it took me until "Skin" to realize it was an informational message

Phoenix Force

Starbucks... The place for overpriced coffee.

Sa Yusha


Cooper Caviness

That time of the month for the DP crew

Aesthetic Rose

Seeing that big guy happy made me happy 😊



Shrektastic BigMacstic

This is their least viewed video, and it has 2.8 million views

"Some strangers told me that anorexia will help me lose weight." She could have died why did she fall fir that?

LeRa_GaMeR_XX Fortnite

I feel more sorry for the dogs than for people

madhuharan haran

where's garret the great

Night Wing 16

Division 2 is so boring

Sam R



Nice video!!! :D

Amin Naim

missed you man



Put a dvd in a microwave.

I wish I had a big forehead

I read about you in 5th grade! It was on our: “Survival Stories Week 3” 😂

The entire Zombies storyline was actually some kids playing with toys?! I have achieved the maximum level of wat.