Rangers Commando Training - YouTube

This film was produced before the passing out of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab). Rangers are border guardian force on Indo-Pak border. In any escalation with India, this is front line force to fire first bullet and to defend its homeland from enemy. On the other side of line the border force is BSF. Both forces always keep on petrollng along with the fence.


Johnny Sucks in the NFL

Rick Neefjes

Who els thoud This movie was great?

Tell me what you think about my story . And tell me YOUR bullying story in the comments section!

DInkle Berg

the knifing effects are just as bad without the new engine.

Dead Nightmare

I like how Ty always has a different signature entrance haha

Kumar Goutam

U all take everything next level men



Madison Chandler



that is so cool haha

Midnight the hybrid

am i the only one who cant relate.....

VOA Lord


Caitlin Koehler

Hockey stereotypes

Leona Faith

I’m so scared lol

Ha you thought I was gonna say shit

Ian Kennedy

Good trickshots

Lol I'm so cringy


Did you not see the pulp fiction easter egg??? With the man trapped in the salesmans basement?

shanthi vasudevan

no.1 shots

Todd Mooney

Smooch your wife with broken eggs all over your lips!!!!!

Mom:your texting too much it’s the dam phones

LunarWolfTamer an ShadowChan

Beauty test: u are 100% ugly

Philbert Fields

do peaper ninja stars trick shots

Kaylee Gacha 2009

1:114 oh my god

Im worried everyday...

Emalee Neatherlin

where my volleyball players at

Jack G

hEy gUyS toDay i wiLL coMmenT “are you watching this in 2019?” sO i caN Get lIkeS :D

I could never relate to problem because America is ful of immigrants.

Its Just Brit

This was a bit dramatic. 😂

Louie Mae Paz

Man my sister will like this

Eugene Lope

make more vids this is real they need to practice before the vid sometimes its all real ;.]

Dominick Minor

2:04 gotdim??

DarkK _Magic

And he wonders why he didn’t get drafted. (He is garbage/ his celebrations)


Although those other two easter eggs are amazing are you sure it was not just a coincidence? Because Anniversary was developed by 343 not Bungie, but 343 does have members of Bungie so it could be that you are correct.

Eivrem ZwiTTeriOns

I'm super super superrrrrr EEEXXCCCIITTEEEDDDD! I can't wait!!!

Teenagers Are cool

Ugh it was and iPhone iPhones suck androids are so much better iPhones are poo