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T-Dowgsons GAMING

Loving the channel, been around for 3 months and almost done with all the videos made outside❤ Love the tips and informative videos filled with energy and laughs here and there

Amina King Brown

This was me a few months ago but in going to boarding school so I finally got one

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awesome stuff guys. so cool. still the best. CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL. i also do trick shots. please subscribe if u like it. hope u enjoy.

anaelle gougeon

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Austin Cho

I hope Sora, Kairi, Riku, Donald and Goofy can actually team up with Anna & Elsa's group in Kingdom Hearts IV.

Jaycey Hartle

So. Much. Squeezing.😂



ceus joseph aline

May God help you and bless you🙏 🙏😇 amen rest and peace to you and your daughter

bts whore

wow u think ur the victim LOL. shut your mouth you waste of a life

Dude Perfect


6:52 im not idiot

kemal tugluoglu


C9_Hockeydude Last name

Wrist shot I’m disappointed she said soccer. Since when do you use your wrists in soccer. 😂😂😂

Skyle Andria

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Bilal Tariq

Please make more battle videos


I haven't played this game, but when I saw the thumbnail, I though "Oh wow, has the day finally come where Hideo Kojima said 'Fuck it! I'm putting myself in the game!'"

padmarao chamakura

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Nicole Dirzanowski

Japan for sure 😁


"Deported against my will"

Luke's Trick Shots

2019 ?Comment who will win PATS or RAMS

Паша Кон

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Love Love

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Christmas must have been awkward for the brothers

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When Walter throw the pizza on his house. ...

Grayson Long

You guys are awesome. Been watching you for a few years. Y'all are my role models.

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Garrets face though when hitting flour with ax


seeeeeee...WALL'S WORK

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Lol garret is bald

Deathblade 12399

My bad

I’ll regret it ...


Wish all adoptive parents where good

troolller174 unknown

I love your games

HH 360

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More kylie and kendall together

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Mole Man

My fav part was 🎣

That literally means she’s not healthy

Corporal Lance

it wasnt samuel jackson, it was will smith.


I use Instagram everyday but I never knew who made it until this video.....

Oh wait...

Jonas Lo

zelda look like a bush

Megan Baumgartner

I am 14 and my brother had the same thing and he almost died and then my sister had the same thing but but she died I was so sad when she died that I couldn't even stop crying :-( well I'm still crying from that day I just want to be with my sister hugging you she was only 4 years old why

Aaron Robuck

Why are you so good dude perfect

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Is this some sort of conspiracy pixar like really, why did you put the damn truck in almist every single one of your films.

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well done guys that was great to watch