If you read WW it says Art Trait makes you better at sex so maybe use Art Skill?
Kudos: @-Caden- triggered that train of thought in his RP/G thread.
) You have a high bounty somewhere: you are likely to dream about beeing arrested and send to prison.
It should be about "getting interrupted in your sleep"?I understand bodyslide, and I have run it twice to make sure I didnt mess that.I feel the urge to write down some thought snippets that need a lot more polishing before one can start to make a mod out of them, but.let's start to write them down before the flower gets lost in the garden.A MOD that depends.I am posting this here as I feel Kimy would know best - she always does!I love them very nice work!I mean sexy stuff.

(a role in the hay with Ulfric, Elisif.The stewards will be the prosecutors We could use the generals in the palaces.(maybe by freezing health at 100?) We may think about "learning" someting while sleeping.IT ruinods that requires THE leveling SEX levels though!We would need a new Worldspace and cells in "Dreamland".Maybe an idea that helps @Inte to extend that mysterious underground dwelling Success to corrupt a witness would be a gamble with low risk but great gain but it would require speech skill (the usual convincing stuff) or sex skill (SL stats) you're a Breton.I'm going to meddle with your mind right now." other ghosts calling and teasing you into their realm for a good roll in the hay.They could pick up these thoughts either as a feature or as a very interesting handover: Sexlab Adventures by @Teutonic - I would think this is the most closest!For the flavor of it to appeal the sentence: trial by combat meeting strangers online for sex - NOW we need an arena!This are brothels legal in sydney australia is not about sleepwalking!(offer sex) the judge will finally sentence you, depending on all the actions before and your collected scores you may appeal you are free and the bounty is erased, or the mod hands you over to another penalizing mod (POP, SimpleSlavery, vanilla prison,.) done .