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harsh and krishna vols

some dute

Rami Pena

I really love your video you are the best

TheFantastic Five

I recognized the first few videos of Dude Perfect, Ty was the main guy, no one else really did that much or talked much.

Patrick Dolson

2:50 I thought that was GTA5

Erika Montes

Do you live in Dallas dude perfect

Amin Naim

fucking great video man

glockstradamus 10mm

Donald trump goes sneaker shopping with complex😂😂

rob boss

Tobias is in infinity war?

KC Gaming

I love your vids

this man deserved the Golden buzzered and he got it!!!!!❤️

ryan bencomo

this is so annoying.

Ninj a

Do another


How can I do the code in god of war 3:33 help anyone???

king snipes

that music for the trailer was fuckin sick AF


Queens of the world😭😭


aim bot on?

Frank McCoy

Best vido ever ps I love your game!!!

Muzaffar Ahmad

Fake video

angel martinez

La neta Bad Bunny, tus rolas están bien vergas !

175 cm 52 kg 5.2 meter kuk

that weeb Filthy Frank had to claim Cory in the House is a fucking anime...

_.sahru ._

What im going to appreciate the most is the person who took he time to draw, colour, line and highlight this whole thing because that sure as hell took hours or maybe a whole day

Brandon DeGeronimo

I bet you almost every video they post takes over 5 hours


@Lookatmeifuckedu jelousysrry for misspelling

Amethyst Sardesai

CDPR don't let me down now!

Jenifer Sayles

Brown s


Rip Panda 4:07And what's that random car in the back? Who knows.


To me the quality is getting worse

Louise Wennström

I miss mw3😥😥😥

Imal Galappaththi

When your about to hit someone with a bat but you realize your drunk 4:18

Jason Brubaker

do you beleave in santa

Ryan Jhider


Just look at us, we lost it, pussy nigga, can't you tell?


you dont know gow much ive waited for this video.

Luka Jovik

ayuda porfa vean este link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n2Vjl8SqVc

crying and fall asleep in their arms within like 2 Minutes.

daksh goyal

Congrats for the win from Zach King

Angie B

I’m sorry but is your mother deaf?

Carson Zubaly

do it at skyzone

Blade Breakers

27 millions

Mega Boo

My easter egg is your name is Nick ok and there is a character named nicking left 4 dead 2 so when you where a white suit you look like the left side 4 dead 2 nick you got me 😐


That amazing slow-motion fps tho xD

-the cry baby I Usually Don't Beg For Likes But

Daphne Clark

Your no 20 the **

Chinghsin Lien

Coby is Panda


I just finished this game and I absolutely LOVED it! Great video as always Guru!