"Es la creación de Dios, nací así."

Con una narrativa de triunfo sobre la adversidad, aprenda de la increíble historia de lucha, amor, vicio y avería de este hombre y cómo logró levantarse cuando el optimismo era sombrío. Sé testigo de cómo el hermano Robert Lazo encontró la esperanza en medio de la calamidad.En la parte inferior derecha del video de YouTube, haga clic en el ícono que dice subtítulos.***Featuring a narrative of triumph over adversity, learn from this man's incredible story of struggle, love, vice, and breakdown and how he managed to rise up when the optimism was bleak. Witness how Brother Robert Lazo found hope in the midst of calamity.On the lower-right part of the YouTube video, click on the icon that says closed caption.

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I'm tearing up I know exactly how she went through but I ate a lot and my parents are still together things calmed down but I still suffer for almost 10 years I get anxiety so bad that my body and brain shuts down I really need help I'm glad that my parents love each other now but I sometimes I still hear them fight I got diagnosed with anxiety when I said I was going to kill myself I went to the principal office and they brought 2 mental health doctors and I really had a anxiety attack to where I couldn't control myself then the school was about to send me to the hospital wearing a stray jacket I hate that school so much!!!!!! I wasn't the only one either.Then I got sent back home for the day and I went to daep for 6 weeks (best 6 weeks of school ever!!!) I thought I was going to get suspended or expelled it still gives me bad memories to this day!

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