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(Visit: Quality assurance for teaching in higher education could increase student learning (and reduce costs of all kinds) as they have in so many other fields of endeavor, argues Michael O'Hare, Professor of Public Policy, Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley. Recorded on 02/15/2017. Series: "Center for Studies in Higher Education" [4/2017] [Show ID: 32127]


Tell me what secrets are in for me in the future of 2038

Aika Gamer

why would i want to battle my anime adddiction



Philip Chung

What kind a song did you guys used for the stereotypes?

Olivia Weaver

Another one is in the jungle book, mowgli is sat behind baggheera and the vibration of the elephants make him go up and down. I'm too young to understand but I know a lot.

daylen graham

do you have instagram

Renan Candido

for bottle he did not use a playing card but a credit card. look again2:50

Jacob Lehrhaupt

Hi I love you

Lukas Jönsson

It’s not real

Caitlyn Le

Voice box is hilarious... wow



Anne Smith

This shows me how much parents care.

Eughan Badli

I have both. Thanks for this video - I want to show this to my family.

Lily Mammel

Ok. It's great that she helped her and everything. I'm glad the woman is okay. But the girl should've called the police RIGHT AWAY when she found out that the girl was in an abusive relationship. Not after she found out about the boyfriend hitting the baby, not even when the girlfriend didn't want help. Sure, "not her business", but at this point, it was clearly unsafe. Once again, I'm very glad the woman is okay, but I think that the girl took too long to do something.


swimming pool nerf or slip

Luci’s World

Same here. I HATE MONDAYS! But I loveeee Fridays & Holdidays and- etc!

Eytan Levine

Do part 2


After men hit puberty, they change

Caleb Ledoux

disc golf trick shot???

zyadu zyadu

there is something wired about these stories the sound of the person who talks is the same I know it's crazy sarcasm


I never knew about the goat one, thanks


I thought it's ps4 exclusive

Kohlton Miller

The music in the first one was from Nazi Zombies!

Allan Biala

You really like Mirrors Edge, don't you?



Daniel Liu

Ok, I will