I have two recommendations that are around the same area (7th circle).
The freshly squeezed juices were a welcome touch.
The BBQ night is awesome, breakfast was more than enough and quality.
Walk among the plastic tents in one corner of this sprawling, dust-swept desert camp packed with Syrian refugees, and a young woman in a white headscarf signals.The typical look is dark and sultry with pear shaped bodies.Her husband, who identifies himself as Ali, acknowledges cheerfully that he forces her to have sex with him and with others, for money.Particularly sensitive are the charges of prostitution within the Zaatari camp, housing some 120,000 refugees, which is funded by the.N.They do ladies nights, open bar night etc.It's impossible to pin down how many Syrian refugees are now working as prostitutes in Jordan, but their presence is inescapable.Note: Two other areas recommended are 3th Circle and Rainbow street.I didnt like the city overall, but would have liked to explore the nightlife scene a little more.

City mall and Mecca Mall are the best places for day game.We have seen no evidence of prostitution in the camp, but we have heard rumors of it, said escort amira Andrew Harper, chief of the.N.The AP does not name victims of sexual abuse.Among the casualties is an 18-year-old native of Homs, Syria, who arrived in Zaatari camp last summer.Upon the recommendations of one her friends who was also trying to make ends meet.Budget 10 extra a night.Great atmosphere at dinning room.Also, there are many restaurants of different cuisines and budgets that are close to the hotel.Its impossible to pin down how many Syrian refugees are now working as prostitutes in, jordan, but their presence is inescapable.
But she could not find what she calls a decent job as a telephone operator, hotel receptionist or waitress.
Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the belief still runs strong that prostitution is a womans choice, even under dire circumstances.