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Korcula island, island of wine, olive oil and beautiful beaches.
The Bojana River flows into the whore defined Adriatic Sea.This lake is the largest in the Balkans, which is characterised by endemic animal and plant species.
They liberate much sacramento escort guide of the surroundings of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik has a somewhat normal life again.
The parks high peaks of more than 2,000 metres in height attract climbers from around the world.Trsteno Arboretum is home to a wealth of plants.Thw whole island is a resort and has been visited by many famous people.Sveti Stefan, a unique town connected by an artificial bridge to the mainland.His plan was to occupy as many areas and establish a Greater Serbia.
Many birds nest her tooe.

An oprphanage was founded within Dubrovnik's Saint Klara Monastery in 1432, making it one of the first institutions of its kind in Europe.After Risan comes, kotor, a town that you must visit.The city is in flames, churches and palaces are burning, the old city harbor as well as the hotels.Island from another planet, restaurant Amoret, start a day with a good food and smile.More than 400 soldiers from both sides were killed, as well as 92 civilians in Dubrovnik. .In the summer and autumn of that year the Croatian army is strong enough to not only defend but to attack.As soon as you cross the border you'll be in the Bay of Kotor (Bokokotorski Zaljev a unique bay in the Mediterranean.They arm their population, and under the pretext that the Croats will attack them, together with Serbs from eastern Herzegovina, prepare an aggression on Dubrovnik and its surroundings.Regardless of when you visit you will not go wrong.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the former East European communist countries became democratic, and such was the case in former Yugoslavia as well.
Kitesurfing and authentic food, primorje, enjoy nature, beaches and gastronomy, island Lokrum.