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Andrew Marcus


Vegito Blue

One of my favourite games of all time!

Feesh GMD

Everyone hates Cody now! 😊Also, Ty, why don't you do the butterfly?

IRISHBOY101 gaming

You missed the pizza shop Easter egg, but nonetheless this is great!

Beef Chimichanga

Did anyone catch the blonde in the skirt(arm around the Warrior tshirt old dude)?..she looks like one of the girls from White Chicks🤣

Dennis Itumbi TV

Now We know you name Joseph - From Kenya, Africa.

Rose Effects

99% comments with Polly

Phượng Đỗ

Chây nhu cay

Chaya Storm

I have developing Trigeminal Neuralgia so I dropped out of school because it was so bad. Trust me if you think your sickness is bad, try this one out. I have nearly gone blind because it hurts so much to blink. I can’t talk so, I use sign language, but I can understand people when they speak to me. I don’t have anyone to bring be to the hospital since I’m too young to drive because my dad is an alcoholic and my mom works full time to support us. My first symptoms of sickness was when I was 2, 2!!! I fell off my crib and wailed in pain, my mom thought I had just suffered from the fall and put me back. I banged on my pillow and hit myself till I had to wear a helmet till I was 5. I am now 15 and the doctors say there is nothing wrong with me. I am homeschooled and VERY poor. I stream on sources to try to make money off of video games but it’s not going to well, so i gave it up and now work at Publix. I still play video games 24/7 but I don’t work for it. I can never stop the pain.

Lucas Warnimont

12 bounces

Sockona's Corp.


Tyran Atchison

Hey can you please talk about dinomaxing in the new Pokémon sword and shelled.

or 3: a box of some kind?


As soon as Lady Brown played, my love for this channel just grew even more.

Potterheadtexan Studios

Just adopt!


Lol you put Infinite Warfare in it's coffin before it came out XD

Kismet_Have a great day!

lets play horse? HAHAHA


How to trick an idiot Read more


M Martin


The Randomness Of Sarah Cox

I'm so sorry Coby. You will win someday

Sergio Valenzuela

Mat can you please do a theory about the Netflix show titans


1:00 burns pandas hand?? :)

Andrea Cumberbatch

Panic attacks are the worse. I don't even think explaining it could make someone realise how really scary this is. I got two already this year and when I had the second one it was so severe that I had to be rushed to the hospital. I thought I was having a heart attack as I felt like my heart dropped and then it started to race uncontrollably. I then felt light headed and got a sudden shortness of breath. Although I try to remain more calm now, I'm always worried about getting another one and experiencing these terrible symptoms that I sometimes worry myself into one where I experience chest pains. This is so real as it can only be experienced to be understood.

Mazin Rinu

Can anyone give me 100 littles



Camryn Kirkpatrick

I'm on team Coby

Richard Vasquez

You forgot the main ingredient in Macs famous Mac and cheese: dogmeat.

Brandon Graf

that was so cool

BaseBall Nation

best youtubers ever


this is awesome made me lol

Dandara Verloes

I think the open relationship is kind of weird but if it works for them I'm fine with it. I think the real problem is that they ABUSED THEIR OWN CHILDREN MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY

Raspypurpleninjamax YT

This is definitely Juliane Koepcke

Sarah May Ili

I have both and its so hard to deal it...

Iron Wolf4000

They make lefty’s like me look bad

Youtube Girl 2.0

1900-1978 is when the creater of Adidas was alive LIEAR

Rachel Y

Japan! go to Japan :)


i liked the sticky fingers album above the doge album

Princess of fantasy

Oh my god, why is this so me😂

Hasan Al Saad

lol turn on captions at 0:03

Fred Vecchione

Garrett is the best

Meat Shackles

he never said anything about it weighing anything? he said maybe he had a surplus and he would never need anymore.


I loved Garrets Seattle Seahawks shirt. 10/10