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Woolworths remained on the escorts in biloxi site until the early 21st century when, sadly, the firm went out of business.
Apprentice records reveal that Smith was able to employ various young, female apprentices between 17 to assist with running his thriving business.
The Hotel only survived on the site until the early 1920s, before it was once again put up for sale.
Its origins are as a private residence, but it was used during the 19th century as grand lodgings for travelling judges visiting the town.The legacy of this endeavour can be found in the vast collection of photographs which are housed in the Essex Record Office.The Black Boy was also linked to the towns mail service, accommodating the Post Office from 1673.In this post we will show how we have used maps in this project to look at the detailed history of specific properties.One of Spaldings earliest photographs of the High Street.1869.During the course of their enquiries, the victim told police she had started working for the agency shortly before her 16th birthday and had never been asked her age, though she had told Davis.Images captured by Chelmsfords preeminent photographer Fred Spalding, who lived just a few doors away, show us what the printing room looked like at this time.Barclays have enjoyed a long history in the town, having previously occupied the Grade II listed building now containing Jamies Trattoria.A Sale Catalogue from 1807 described the Kings Head as an old and well-accustomed inn.The property obviously made an impression on the young Fred Spalding who purchased it shortly after John Champs demise in 1892.We have done our best to recreate some of the Spaldings classic shots of the High Street, taking a set of prints out with us and dodging showers to do replicate the original pictures as closely as we could.Fortunately, several members of staff, who were reputedly paid danger money to sleep in the store overnight, were on hand to douse the flames.If the police could not move them on they dont seem to me to be competent.These lodgings must have been rather more luxurious than the judges had endured in the past.One of the invaluable resources used during this project is the Spalding photographic collection of some 7,000 images.
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The store initially employed around forty young shop assistants, all of whom were from the Chelmsford area.

Alternatively, see Hilda Grievess detailed history of Chelmsford The Sleepers and The Shadows which is available in the ERO Searchroom.The store continued to prosper throughout the rest of the 20th century, with development and expansion occurring periodically.He promptly commissioned the noted local architect Frederic Chancellor to redevelop the existing buildings to enable to smooth transition from house to shop.This extraordinary rate of growth was facilitated by the growing prosperity of the town and the increasing population in Chelmsford.Accommodation had been provided by the Ipswich Arms (site of 73 High Street) which, according to Urmston, was in such a dire state the building faced demolition."I hope the jailing of the men who exploited them will help them to continue moving forward with their lives and prevent any more young girls falling victim to their greed.

The watercolour above,.B Bamford, depicts the Queens Head Yard in 1906.
Jackie Govier, mayor and councillor for St Georges ward, which covers the area of the brothel, said people living in the area had known what the house was being used for.
Perhaps anticipating being charged with unruly or troublesome individuals, Kellaway also had chains and manacles.