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In order to acquire all the luxuries of life, these pastors, rather than teach the word of God, have perfected ways to milk their hapless followers dry by collecting money from them through different guises all in the name of God.
Bishop Ayodele Oristejafor Ayodele Joseph Oristejafor the Bishop of Word of Life Bible Church and the current president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN can be said to have gone a step higher than even the second richest man in the world.It was said that the monthly revenue being remitted by the Ghana church was 60,000.My team and I made sure we come down to their level; we organised a setting in order to catch their attention.The enormity of national rebirth is never lost on a woman of Elishama Idehs make.Pentecostal churches advertise tithing as a condition for enjoying material blessings from God and to back up their claims, they cite Malachi 3:8-10 which says: Will a man rob God?Our gift certificates are the perfect gift solution that will put an end to those tricky moments when you just cant seem to find the right gift, or you need a gift in a hurry.He also has an online medium where donations can be made into the churchs purse for his church members who are not living around, while he always ensures his church members are having access to all his church programmes by making them available live.In Nigeria, a video tape costs between N300 and N1,300 while CDs are bought for between N300 and N1,300.For Oyakhilomes followers around the world, it is an important emblem of faith.And immediately he mentions this, the whole congregation has no option but to donate what they didnt bargain for.Pastor Itua Ighodalo Making money has always been the watchword of this flamboyant pastor.For you have robbed.Her vision and passion has been to give new life and confidence to the rejected, oppressed and destitute; those generally regarded as dregs of society, restore hope to them by sharing Gods love, not just by word of mouth, but also by practical demonstration.Some of the products he sells include books, video tapes of his crusades and miracles, audio tapes, CDs, prostitution canada legalized VCDs and DVDs of his teachings, which are sold at the various parishes and through agents.Offering which in the past was voluntary and meant for the sustenance of laudable church work, is now made compulsory with some pastors pronouncing curses on who ever refuses to come with one and it is hardly ever used for any positive humanitarian work.
It has branches in 12 other Nigerian cities.

This two decades of social engineering and entrepreneurship.Yet you have robbed me!Though he looks modest, it is a fact that he rakes in millions florida adult escorts through many other programmes and publications.History speaks, but we often do not take notes.But according to a reliable source, that style is now archaic; the instruction to all members now is to bring their envelopes that will contain their different donations from their respective homes.Bishop Mike Okonkwo He was alleged to have left the banking industry under controversial circumstances before starting his own church the Redeemed Evangelical Mission (trem) after defaulting from the church that posted him to Lagos.On the churchs website, the prices range between four and eight pounds each.And mummy would then reply, I remember you bought it at Harolds in UK for 10, 000 US dollars and the whole congregation would then shout halleluyah.

He social entrepreneurial work no doubt has brought her face to face with the stark realities of poverty.
But on my first attempt to enter the land, my workers were beaten black and blue for trying to come in to possess the land.