There should only have been about four master key cards on issue for the general manager, duty manager, security manager and legalizing prostitution effects duty security.
While not the cheapest pick, this simple yet sweet hotel offers a escort university free English buffet breakfast and is perfectly placed for exploring much of central London by foot.
When the Japanese guests who were staying in the room returned in the evening they found all their valuables were gone and were not very happy, especially when they found out that the hotel security staff had assisted the thief in the robbery.To my not-so-nefarious Mr Smith, who was by now hot on my heels.It is in fact located near the Seven Dials junction, where seven lanes come together in a roundabout crowned by a pillar which features, rather confusingly, a sundial with just six faces.Set in Clerkenwell itself a former stew the hotel is inspired by Georgian London.Do not throw sensitive information in the trash cans, soak and throw it away outside of the hotel or flush it down the toilet.If you did, youd most likely be minus your purse.Several of the top hotels were using a temp agency that was renowned for using illegal immigrants to supply them with back of house staff such as dish washers etc.Dawns light reflecting off the shiny bottoms of our cheery cherub bedmates was an eye-opening first sight of the day.The Seven Dials is also within walking distance of the.If your room has a fridge, do not use any ice cubes, as they could be spiked or poisoned as can any snacks and drinks.Join 1 other subscriber.The reason there were so many master keys on issue was because it was easier to program a card for all areas rather than the specific floors and rooms the individual staff members needed.
Towels are not provided but are available to rent or buy.

Search all rooms before occupation for electronic surveillance devices or contraband that could have been left by the previous guest.The friendly pair checking me in gushed about how lovely my suite was with genuine glee, and 30 seconds later I was bounding up the stairs to the Rooks Nest, my two-storey home for the night.The hotel has 14 square miles of corridor, over 1000 rooms, multiple entrances and there is only one unmotivated security person on at a time- in a place like this you are on your own.After a week or so this lady started to get threatening text messages on her cell phone from someone asking for a large sum of money.Another example of hotel crime took place several years ago to my business partner in Caracas who was providing security for a lady who was visiting for several weeks; he picked her up from the airport and was escorting her around the city.Despite the triple glazing (yes, you read that right) of the front windows, light sleepers should request back rooms.Liaise with hotel staff and find out what security procedures they have in place, if they have cameras where are they located, do they work and are they recording.I dont know if it was the cocktails, the bad acting or the rainy dash back from Clerkenwell, but once Id bid goodnight to the gold-loin-cloth-clad blackamoors at the head of the four-poster, Id barely mumbled This bed is absurdly comfortable.